Desktop-grade MX450 graphics card, wide-angle custom lens, the Glory MagicBook V 14 is the look level

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A lot of people think, glory after leaving Huawei will start to lonely, but glory with a smile to face the world out of a smile curve.According to data: Honor 2021 annual total sales of 4.75 million pieces, total sales of 8.5 billion yuan.Whether in product configuration or cost-effective, there are and a lot of improvement.Recently, in the 2022 Spring Festival in China, our country 38 times to the Antarctic scientific expedition to the Antarctic research task, in this important festival, should have the family together, these scientists were sacrificed their time with their family, in order to complete the research task of the country, far to the South Pole research and investigation, is worthy of our respect.All we know is that the current temperature in Antarctica is below -20 degrees Celsius. In such a low temperature, many electronic devices may appear black screen or fail to turn on, etc., and the devices that can be carried are carefully selected.In this video connection, we found an obscure detail. The device that will be used in this video broadcast is The Honor notebook MagicBook V 14.It will be involved in the whole process, taking a national audience inside the station.This really is to honor the long face, for rongyao products is also a very good publicity.A good product is not only of good quality, but more importantly, to grasp the pain points of users. Before glory, mobile phone business was the main business, but this time in notebook business, many people may feel that they are not skilled enough.However, accidents are always full of surprises. The positioning of Honor MagicBook V 14 pays more attention to thin and light books, inherits the advantages of mobile phones, and makes a lot of efforts in the lens. Engineers integrate 500W pixel high-definition wide-angle dual cameras into the notebook through a new customized Camera module and a small integrated ISP chip.Breaking the PC industry’s 15-year standard of 100W pixels.Both in the definition of the above or beautification effect above, have been greatly improved.On the screen, it uses a 14.2-inch LTPS mirror design and a low-power (low-temperature polysilicon) display.Support 1.07 billion color depth effect, the screen color effect transition is smoother, combined with 100%sRGB high gamut, so that the Glory MagicBook V 14 not only display more delicate, but also ensure that the output color is more accurate and natural.Especially for those who like to watch hd movies, this screen can give you a quasi-movie theater color viewing effect.Although the positioning is thin and light, but the independent graphics card can still choose lower power consumption, performance comparable to desktop GTX1050 said MX450 ultrabooks dedicated graphics card, can enhance the performance of the graphics card and reduce power consumption at the same time can bring longer battery life, so that it can be competent for more work, even in PS graphic design or video clips,It is also a very good choice.Finally to sum up, honor notebook MagicBook V 14 is a very competitive product in the current notebook market, the return of honor is indeed a good thing for us, we also hope that honor can provide more and better products, domestic products when self-improvement.