Fan Kexin, champion of the Winter Olympics, on live broadcast: I am a soldier on the field

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On February 13, a group of pictures of Fan Kexin kissing the ice after the race spread all over the Internet, touching millions of netizens and bringing the veteran of the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team, who participated in three Winter Olympics and has 12 years of experience in the national team, into the public’s eyes again.On the afternoon of February 14, Fan Kexin made his post-match debut at Kuaishou, sharing his sports career and perception on the court.At the beginning of the live broadcast, Fan kexin couldn’t wait to show the camera her gold medal and two “golden dundwen”.She won China’s first gold medal at the Winter Olympics with her teammates in the men’s and women’s 2,000-meter mixed short-track relay and a bronze in the women’s 3,000-meter short track relay.When asked to use three key words to describe the feeling of winning the gold medal, Fan gave three answers: “gratitude”, “thanks” and “sharing”.”Be thankful for all the difficulties and setbacks I have encountered and all the people who have helped me, and then go and share and share my joy with others.”This Olympic gold medal, Fan Kexin waited for a long time, finally in this dream.”I think every athlete wants to be an Olympic champion.This is a recognition for me, 12 years of trying, 12 years of waiting.But this is just the beginning and I will continue to win more MEDALS and more Gold MEDALS with my teammates in the future.”As a veteran of 12 years in the team, Fan kexin knows more about the hardships behind short track speed skating.Fan Kexin left home for training at the age of 10. She was homesick but could not see her family for a long time. She could only record what she wanted to say to her mother with a tape recorder.Since joining the national team, she has never spent the Spring Festival at home.The speed and variety of short track speed skating also makes the race more dangerous.”The thing that makes it different from other sports is that you have four or five athletes competing together, so it can be a little bit more variable.Fast and Furious is all about short track speed skating.”Because of this, Fan Kexin is also open-minded about his regrets in the 500-meter event.”I think what happens in the game is normal, you win, you lose.The important thing is to enjoy the stage through your own efforts.”During the preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, Fan Kexin put in more effort than usual, giving his best every day.”From 1,000 days to 500 days, 300 days, 100 days, keep enough energy in every stage and push yourself every single day in training.Time is pressing day by day, maybe a day when two days.Because we don’t want to fail, we want to have a good result, so we get up in the morning and practice again after lunch, and then practice again in the evening.When you have a goal in mind, it’s not bitter at all.”Fan Kexin’s love of short track speed skating helped her break through obstacles and win the crown.”I’ve loved this project since I was a kid, and when I was selected to the amateur team, the first day on the ice, I loved this project even more.When I saw the athletes before me, my goal became clearer. I trained for this project to stand on the highest podium and win glory for my country.”For this hard-won Olympic gold medal, Fan Kexin also placed hopes for the inheritance of China’s short track speed skating.”I hope the next generation of younger athletes can follow up on my baton, more people can join the national team and we can fight for more gold MEDALS together.”Every year, she goes back to qitaihe, her hometown, to visit the training children and share her experience with them.”Because I know how powerful the power of idols, mengjie, dayangjie they are my idols, let me have a target to catch up.”During the live broadcast, Kuaishou users sent comments to express their love for Fan Kexin and support for the Chinese women’s short track speed skating team.In order to repay everyone’s love and support, Fan kexin said that he would continue to share his training and daily life on Kuaishou. In addition, he also participated in the “Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Day group to home” raffle initiated by Kuaishou platform, and gave 88 ice blocks to his fans.Besides Fan, Kuaishou, the official broadcaster of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, has attracted many athletes to share their experiences and stories through short videos and live broadcasts.With the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in full swing, more athletes will appear in Kuaishou, welcome to follow the Winter Olympic events, support the ice and snow athletes on the Audience to catch the Winter Olympics, experience a different story of the Winter Olympics, cheer for the Chinese delegation.