One Piece king 1038 words, Luo and Kidd hit the four huang Aunt, the people exclaimed: aunt is dead!

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One Piece comics 1038 words text information has been updated, I believe many people have seen, so here small make up and you talk about it, pick some points to say.First of all, thunder, he and Fu Lu Shou are still in the duel, the current situation is that two people are hurt by the other side of the move, to see who can not bear first, then who will lose.He said that the so-called ninja is able to endure what ordinary people can not tolerate. It is obvious that Razo will endure to the end, he is the real ninja.And then to Tibet, he met CP0, and CP0 let him go, and said that their target is the straw hat group, so ready to leave, but Tibet does not want to let CP0 leave, obviously this is to block CP0, do not let them to make trouble for the straw hat group.Let’s take sauron’s side. He was badly injured in the fight with the Four Emperors. Jabbar gave him some medicine and soon he recovered, but it was only temporary, after the medicine wore off, the damage would double, so Sauron could not move after he defeated embers.In 1038 he meets death, whether it’s an illusion or not, but death slashes him with a sickle.Finally, Jason kidd and four emperor’s side, the latter two people fiercely attacked the former, the former two people soon collapses, four emperor aunt thought he was going to win, and then perceived more kay battle is not over there, she wanted to help, when he stood up, and using the ability to hit four emperor Boyle, throughout the four emperor’s arm with a knife,And from the chin down through the skull.Onlookers to see this scene have exclaim: “Oh, aunt died.”Normally the head would have been dead, so there was nothing wrong with what the onlookers said, but the old lady of the Four Emperors was not ordinary, she was just badly wounded, she didn’t die, maybe there was something wrong with luo’s knife.Then Kidd got up, too. He used a big trick, too. He collected a lot of iron and made a big robot.Luo, Kide and aunt’s battle is not over, the former two people said that no matter what, even if pay their lives, will not let the four emperor aunt to Kaido over there.They seem to know that if they let the four Emperors join Kaido, they will be defeated.Well, that’s all for this article and I’ll see you next time!