Oneplus will launch the 1 plus 10R with Mediatek Breguet 9000 flagship chip.The price is 3000 yuan

2022-05-20 0 By

Oneplus has a very good reputation.But because it only launches a few phones a year, it focuses on the high-end.Therefore, the market share has been unable to increase, and the low market share leads to insufficient personnel to carry out after-sales and maintenance nationwide, which also becomes a bottleneck restricting the development of OnePlus mobile phone.At the 1 plus 10Pro launch.Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus, said his company’s phones can now access OPPO’s nationwide mobile service outlets.This could alleviate the problem of imperfect after-sales of one Plus phones.But it also reduces onePlus’s autonomy.So OnePlus urgently needs to expand its market share and increase sales.That’s why OnePlus launched its R series, which focuses on the middle market.It usually follows the launch of a flagship phone.With the release of the OnePlus 10Pro, the 10R is coming.The 10R will be powered by mediatek Breguet’s flagship 9000 processor.There is nothing to worry about in terms of performance. Based on TSMC’s 4nm process, the Breguet 9000 is powered by a 3.05ghz Cortex-X2 supercore, three 2.85ghz Cortex-A710 large cores, and four 1.8ghz Cortex-A510 small cores.The GPU is Mail-G710 MC10, and the ISP is Imagiq Gen 7 IPS.Overall, the chip offers significant improvements in performance, performance, AI and imaging capabilities.Moreover, Breguet 9000 processor is ahead of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor in terms of running score and power consumption, so it is not placed on the OnePlus 10Pro.Because mediatek’s first foray into high-end mobile phone chips, various manufacturers still have concerns.But based on the snapdragon 8Gen1 chip’s current straining performance, the Breguet 9000 processor has clearly become the most anticipated mobile processor.How was the actual performance?Don’t worry, a large number of phones with Breguet’s 9,000 processor are on the way and are expected to be launched in February and March.And the 1 plus 10R phone will have a 120-hertz AMOLED display.The top-of-the-line display will improve color contrast, and the AMOLED display can independently control the brightness of each unit, eliminating the need for backlight panels and saving power compared to regular screens.Storage space is 8+128GB starting.Compared to the big brother OnePlus 10Pro, the OnePlus 10R is only a trade-off in photography, and other aspects, such as power consumption, are even better than the OnePlus 10Pro.It is expected that the price will be at 3000 yuan.All in all, the OnePlus 10R will be a very qualified high-end phone with high cost performance.