Wuhan | Wuhan: Talent market to try out intelligent digital recruitment

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Recruitment companies do not need e-Rabao posters;Job seekers don’t need to provide a hard copy of their resume, just scan the code and send it out.The reporter learned from Wuhan Optics Valley Talent Port that two New Year job fairs will be held in the intelligent digital talent market of Optics Valley International Talent Port on 16th and 19th, and intelligent digital recruitment will be tried out.With the arrival of the New Year recruitment season, the recruitment fair of Optical Valley Talent Port will be greatly increased, and it will be divided into special exhibitions of industry and enterprise to meet the needs of employers for various types of talent recruitment.Wuhan Fangzhen Human Resource Market Co., Ltd. tries to implement intelligent digital recruitment and improves the sense of experience of recruitment fairs through information-based processes, which not only solves the problems of low communication efficiency and poor information security of online recruitment interview, but also solves the pain points of high investment cost, low information transmission efficiency and low matching rate of offline recruitment.According to Liu Jianquan, general manager of Wuhan Phalanx Human Resources Market Co LTD, job seekers can upload their e-resumes through Phalanx’s website or “Phalanx Human” mini program and scan the qr codes of companies at the recruitment venue to send them out.The recruitment information will be presented in multimedia form on the electronic screen of the booth.Big data calculation is for job-seekers and employers to match each other. Employers use the digital booth desktop system to complete on-site invitation to job-seekers, resume review, evaluation and interview, etc.The online platform gathers traffic before the meeting, completes the service function during the meeting, updates the interview results after the meeting, and extends the recruitment time on the line to meet the demand of both the supply and demand parties for recruitment in unlimited time and space.There is also a video interview area to help enterprises maximize publicity and promotion.The two New Year job fairs to be held on 16th and 19th will each attract 130 companies, providing nearly 10,000 high-quality positions such as software engineer, equipment assistant engineer, marketing specialist, mechanical technician and hr and administrative specialist.The industry involves electronic communication, machinery manufacturing, medicine and biology, hotel catering, Internet, construction engineering, education and training and other fields.Editor: declaration to Yanhong: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com