You can tell if a girl has a boyfriend from these five points

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Checking girls’ moments and other social media platforms is the most direct and least likely to be noticed by girls.Women all have vanity, more or less, and it’s hugely amplified online. If a woman has ever been in a relationship, it will have been announced on her social media platform, and even if it’s been wiped out, it will certainly leave a trace.Now in this era, all kinds of cheating with female feelings of male scum female prevalence, really seen too much.So there is no love, that is almost equal to the girl did not get love.If you’re looking for a backup, please move on to the girl.What if a girl’s circle of friends is only visible for three days?Don’t worry, this time nod like and look at the cover of her moments.This and girls according to the boys profile picture type is the same truth, if you still can’t see what clue, then continue to see the girls’ personality signature, as long as the love is related to, is not in love is single for many years to take off the single long-term women do not go out.When a girl has a boyfriend, the first people to know about it are not her parents, but her sister group.It’s the same way that a single guy would brag to his gay friends, especially his single gay friends.But the girl’s bestie, is a double-edged sword, with good is a sharp tool, with bad that is the guillotine, only cut your dog head.After the relationship with a girl, still girlfriends go too close to the boy with the girls, basic soon and will be back to the single, but not too fear, said something real, you get to know the girl of girlfriends, if you really get the girl, that her best friend can also be your next goal, especially condition good girl,They don’t usually have bad girlfriends.I also know that brothers love too deeply, even though they know these problems, they still don’t know how to solve them, and they are very tangled, always afraid of causing girls to dislike, so I would like to give brothers a little advice: look at the picture below, use your finger to find me, I have all kinds of detailed analysis about chasing girls for your reference.This channel requires a certain amount of technical content, emotional intelligence, novice is not recommended to choose.Because if a girl doesn’t like you, and you ask her directly if she has a boyfriend, even if she doesn’t, she will say yes, then you have no chance.Here’s a suggestion. You can test a girl sideways. For example, you can say, “Your boyfriend won’t pick you up after work?””I only have two bottles of wine. Can your boyfriend drink it?””, “Your avatar is quite special, the head of a couple?”This type of conversation doesn’t betray your strong sense of purpose. It makes the girl feel like you’re just throwing the question at her, and she won’t be defensive enough to let you know if she has a boyfriend.Four, to see her attitude to other members of the opposite sex when a person has a partner, will deliberately keep other members of the opposite sex at a distance.Object at the time of the party, for example, women will deliberately try girl sitting next to each other, rarely and other members of the opposite sex to sit side by side, unconsciously avoid contact with the opposite sex, and so on, so, when a girl rarely participate in collective activities, and in the distance, and other members of the opposite sex but her circle of friends in the amateur life is very rich, that means this girl is not have a boyfriend,It’s when you already have a crush on someone.Five, see her exquisite makeup of a woman of makeup look delicate degree and whether she has a boyfriend was positively to or reverse relationship, mainly in the following situations: 1, if the girl she was delicate make-up every day, but every day makeup look the same, that means the girl makeup delicate just in temper themselves, more than 80% is don’t have a boyfriend;2. If a girl who usually wears a cool and glamorous look starts to try other styles one day, such as becoming small and fresh and intellectual or fairy, then she has either just had a boyfriend or already had a boy in her heart and wants to attract his attention.3. If you find that this girl used to wear makeup all the time, but now she is less and less willing to wear it, and even stops washing her hair, then she is likely to have a long-term boyfriend.4. If the girl never wears makeup, but suddenly one day she wears makeup or even changes her hair style and appears in a group, it proves that the guy she likes is in the group.​