“Local Chinese New Year” spawned a consumer boom, Qingpu Outlets “attract more and more customers”

2022-05-21 0 By

In the year of the Tiger, many people still choose to stay in Shanghai to celebrate the Spring Festival, which has spawned a consumption boom in the city.These days, Qingpu Aotelais passenger flow is also more and more large, to shopping tourists in an endless stream, the major brands prepared enough goods, launched the New Year good things, as well as a variety of welfare promotions, let the public rest assured to buy goods, happy New Year.Yesterday (February 3) just after 10 a.m., qingpu Outlets gate 1 into the internal parking lot is basically saturated, in the mall area A square has also opened A temporary parking space, has been full of vehicles to come to the shopping.Although these two days, the weather is cold, and sometimes a little rain, but in this thick New Year atmosphere and promotional efforts to drive, the shopping enthusiasm of the citizens is high, most of them are friends or family to come shopping together, for the New Year of the Tiger to buy some new clothes.Reporters see, the vast majority of shops have launched preferential promotional activities, and even some shops directly marked special treatment or 1 ~ 3 discount discount.Each store has a lot of customers in the purchase of goods, individual store customers to a limited number of queuing to enter.A brand store staff said that the New Year’s shopping promotion mechanism is very powerful, customer flow is also very large, sales compared with weekdays have increased significantly, everyone’s shopping enthusiasm is very high, the store is also fully prepared goods.It is reported that this Spring Festival, Qingpu Bailian Outlets for large passenger flow, has done the corresponding epidemic prevention and control work, to ensure consumers peace of mind, safe shopping.At the same time, also launched a “New Year’s greetings”, Fuhu “price” to, Bailian Cloud shop New Year’s greetings: full thousand back to 100 and other promotional activities, more brand full amount reduction, 50% discount coupons hourly kill.Traffic and sales are expected to be flat with the same period last year.Because during the Spring Festival period this year still advocates “in situ” Chinese New Year, zhao lane outlet business circle predict in advance will be a big passenger flow, the big traffic situation, qingpu public security increase police presence in advance, make emergency plans, opened up a temporary parking lot in the business circle surrounding roads, each point has enough police to maintain order, ensure that citizens can have a comfortable, comfortable shopping experience.Reporter: Gu Shunli (chief) Photography: Gu Shunli (chief) editor: Sun Jinghao Responsible editor: Sun Chen (famous and excellent) reprint please indicate from “green Qingpu” official wechat