Pretend to be a loan platform customer service “attract powder drainage”, new music police quickly attack

2022-05-21 0 By

Claiming to be a loan platform of financial customer service to induce the victim to add fraud gang wechat for fraud gang “attract fans and drains” recently, a suspected letter of criminal suspect Liu xx was arrested by xinle police incident review on the evening of March 29, Xinle City Public Security Bureau Interpol longevity squadron received a letter to help check clues.After receiving clues, the squadron handling the case police immediately began to check.In the new city public Security Bureau anti-fraud center police cooperation, after analysis and analysis, the police found that the suspect Liu xx is hiding in a district in the new City.On the morning of March 30, the police took decisive action and captured the suspect Liu in the community.After the trial, the suspect Liu xx confessed to its criminal facts.According to the confession of the suspect Liu xx, since February 2022, it impersonated a platform financial customer service, in the name of loan, call the victim’s phone and induce the victim to add designated micro signal, so as to fraud gang “attract powder drainage”, resulting in a number of victims were cheated more than 130,000 yuan.At present, the criminal suspect Liu xx is suspected of helping the crime of information network crime has been taken criminal compulsory measures by xinle police according to law, the case is being further investigated.Police remind for loans please through banks and other formal financial institutions do not add strange wechat, QQ and so on to avoid being deceived