World preliminary: Colombia vs Peru, without the front of god!Colombia is running low on the key battleground

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Colombia vs Peru World Cup South America round 15 time: 1-29 5:00 Beijing time on January 29, 2022, the World Cup South America round 15 match will be officially kicked off at the Roberto Melendez stadium, Colombia vs Peru.The biggest point of interest is: can Colombia, unbeaten in the last nine meetings, win the crucial battle to advance, and how can Peru, whose overall strength is obviously weaker, surprise the winner?The Secret Service brings you first-hand information from both sides overseas below.Peru midfielder Pedro Aquino missing Peru midfielder Pedro Aquino will return to the club to recover from an injury that ruled him out of the World Cup qualifiers against Colombia and Ecuador, a team official said.Pedro Aquino has played 10 of Peru’s past 14 South American qualifying matches for the 2022 World Cup.Colombian striker Duvan Zapata, atalanta’s top scorer with 12 goals and seven assists in 22 official games so far this season, has been ruled out of international training with a muscle problem.Colombia’s main midfielder Luis Dias has had an outstanding season.So far this season he has made 18 appearances for Porto in the Portuguese super League, contributing 14 goals and 4 assists, helping the team to 17 wins and 2 draws to remain unbeaten and top of the league.He tied Messi as top scorer with four goals in the Copa America in 2021.Fundamentals Colombia has recorded 4 draws and 1 losses in the recent 5 rounds of world Preliminary matches without scoring a goal, and has fallen into a 0-0 cycle in 4 matches. Currently, it ranks 4th in the South American region.Colombia nearly 3 rounds of the world preliminary home are 0-0 each stalemate;Peru has won two consecutive wins in the recent preliminary round of the World Cup, and currently ranks fifth in the South American region, with Colombia on 17 points.Peru have lost three of their last four qualifiers away from home and failed to score a goal in those three defeats.In 2021, the two sides met in the Copa America, winning 1 game each.Colombia has won 10, 8, and lost 1 in 19 matches.Colombia are better overall, but it is worth noting that they have struggled to break the deadlock in the preliminary round of the tournament, and have failed to score goals in recent matches, so Peru may cause them problems.As a result, the ISI considers Peru to be at best a minor liability.For more highlights, check out the Secret Service