A reporter asked | diagnose patients and asymptomatic infections treated “one man, one policy”;Large-scale nucleic acid testing is an important way to prevent the spread of the epidemic

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What is the current treatment status of confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons in Zhuhai?In response to the above questions, the reporter learned from the meeting that according to the diagnosis of municipal clinical expert group, there are 2 ordinary confirmed patients, 11 mild confirmed patients and 26 asymptomatic infected patients in Zhuhai, all of which have been transferred to municipal designated hospitals for isolation treatment.In accordance with the principle of “one person, one policy”, a team of clinical experts worked out a treatment plan. The 13 confirmed patients received integrated treatment of Traditional Chinese and Western medicine and precise treatment, ensuring scientific and effective treatment.All 26 asymptomatic cases were treated with TCM intervention and prevention measures.At present, the 13 confirmed patients and 26 asymptomatic infected patients are in good and stable condition with no life threatening condition.Chai Xiao, Zibo Daily/Zibo Evening News/Expo News Reporter Under the current epidemic situation, what measures have the city taken to ensure the transport of emergency supplies and daily necessities?In response to the above questions, journalists learned from the meeting that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the city’s transport system took prompt action according to the unified arrangement and deployment of the epidemic control department, made epidemic prevention and control the top priority, focused on the construction of the three mechanisms, and made every effort to ensure the transportation of emergency supplies and daily necessities.Establish efficient and timely operation mechanism.In order to ensure the transportation of emergency prevention and control in An all-round way, improve the handling capacity and ensure the normal operation of production and life, the Municipal Transport Bureau has established a sound organizational system for epidemic prevention and control, set up a leading group for emergency transportation of epidemic prevention and control, and transferred competent forces to centralized work.Formulate the Flow Chart of Transport Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Support Vehicles, and conduct wall map operations to ensure rapid assembly and immediate implementation of emergency support tasks in case of emergencies.Establish adequate and accurate transport guarantee mechanism.The city has set up a classified and diversified emergency vehicle support system consisting of 2,000 passenger vehicles, 700 trucks, taxis and other transport vehicles, totaling 4,200 vehicles. More than 5,000 drivers have been organized to accurately meet the transport needs of front-line epidemic prevention and control.Set up the first batch of love anti-epidemic convoy consisting of “Lei Feng convoy”, “Love Convoy” and other 100 taxis, and quickly arrive at the designated place according to the instructions, free transport of medical staff, epidemic prevention and control support staff, people in urgent need of medical treatment and other groups with emergency travel needs;Focus on optimizing the transportation plan, set up 10 passenger vehicle assembly points in the municipal sports Center, the municipal passenger transport Center and the High-speed Railway North Station, effectively realize the real-time vehicle scheduling;Six highway service areas have been opened to set up material transfer points, and orderly material transfer has been realized.The development of small programs, with the help of information means, to support vehicles for intelligent scheduling, effectively improve the efficiency of transport support.Establish a fast and unimpeded green channel mechanism.In order to ensure the goods transportation of zibo city and other provinces and cities, the epidemic prevention and control system of emergency supplies transportation vehicles pass in and out of zibo city, uniformly printed pass, by the public security, WeiJian, the transportation department for examination and approval, to transport medical supplies, fresh agricultural products, focus on production and living supplies, energy supplies, import and export goods, postal service express delivery vehicles and other kinds of key materials,Issue since today COVID – 19 pandemic control key material transportation vehicle passes “, and “applicants should do inspection” and kill vehicle, the temperature of the epidemic prevention and control checkpoints on the passenger workers detection, normal inspection within 48 hours of nucleic acid detection negatie result, health code and stroke code green, and on the basis of holding pass priority to ensure smooth traffic.Zibo Daily/Zibo Evening News/Expo News reporter Wei Jingjing Up to now, there are 13 confirmed cases and 26 asymptomatic cases in Our city. Why are we taking such strict measures such as large-scale nucleic acid testing?What is the process for detecting data release?In view of the above problems, the reporter learned from the meeting that the omicron variant strains have the characteristics of short incubation period, strong infectivity, long infection period and fast transmission, and at the same time have a certain degree of concealment, more prone to the occurrence of multi-point distribution or concentrated outbreak.After the outbreak of the epidemic, the municipal and district joint epidemiological investigation team has carried out a detailed epidemiological investigation on all the positive infected persons and those who were tested positive for initial screening in the epidemic caused by the omicron variant strain, and some of the samples of those tested positive for initial screening were excluded after being tested negative by the nucleic acid testing laboratory of the Municipal CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention.At present, a total of 1,684 close contacts, 6,548 sub-close contacts and 2,565 high-risk persons have been traced and checked and controlled in The city.Large-scale nucleic acid testing and control of risk areas are important ways to quickly identify infected people, effectively cut off transmission routes and prevent the spread of the virus. This is conducive to risk control, dynamic zero-out in the shortest time, and the resumption of normal production and life order as soon as possible.This is also the mature experience and practice of “quick, early, strict, practical and meticulous” in epidemic prevention and control.Large-scale nucleic acid testing is aimed at screening, controlling and testing close contacts and other key groups as much as possible. Those who are positive after initial nucleic acid screening should be transferred to designated medical institutions for isolation, diagnosis and treatment.All test data of nucleic acid testing institutions and medical and health institutions will be timely input and uploaded through the online direct reporting system, and truthfully released to the public.Up to now, the transmission chain of the epidemic is still clear, and the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control in The city is under control.Chang Xu, zibo Daily/Zibo Evening News/Expo news reporter