Cause of burnt socket

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The socket may burn because of aging and short circuit inside the socket.It is also possible that the power socket is overloaded. If the voltage of the power supply exceeds the power limit, it can cause a fire.General household use of power boards are 10 A and 16 A,10 A can withstand 2200 W power supply.A, overcurrent, general power sockets are 10 A, conversion success rate is 10×220=2200 W.Some people plug the electric heater into the electric heater and connect the power cord to other appliances, which can cause a short circuit.Solution: The power socket can only be connected to one high-power appliance, and it is recommended to use 16A power supply.Two, the frequent insertion of the plug will cause the shrapnel in the jack to be unable to reset, and the heat will be generated when the contact is bad in the process of use, and the socket will be burned down in the long run.Solution: If there is no heavy load, use power outlets with switches to reduce the plug insertion.The plug can also be removed and the internal shrapnel manually adjusted.1. The electric appliance has high power and low voltage at the output end.2, the quality of the socket is too poor, the internal metal wiring is too fine.3. The contact part of the plug and socket is not good, and the metal contact part of the plug is not elastic.4, wire and switch joints sizzling sound, switch overheating, fuse or screw is not tightened.