From summer to winter

2022-05-22 0 By

Walking in the Olympic core area, many memories of the 2008 Olympics cross time and space and are perfectly intertwined with the reality of 2022: the bird’s Nest national Stadium will be the opening and closing ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics;The “Water Cube” is transformed into an “ice Cube”, which can switch between curling track and swimming pool freely.The National Stadium has been transformed into an ice hockey arena.People can not help but marvel at the deep relationship between the Beijing Summer Olympic Games and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, as well as the magical charm of the Olympic Games brought to the “Double Olympic City”.In addition to the tangible legacy of the hardware, the Winter Olympics also brings more intangible legacy that can’t be seen.Through the implementation of science and Technology Action for the Winter Olympics, innovation and breakthroughs in venue construction, weather forecast, ice making technology, power supply and other related fields have been achieved, which not only ensures high-level preparations for the games, but also provides a strong impetus for the high-quality development of related industries after the games.What is more valuable is the positive energy brought by the Olympic legacy.To this day, people will still look up the video of the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, or relish the wonderful performances, or moved by the innocent smiling faces in front of the camera.That exciting summer, with the Olympics, Beijing and China shone before the world.Now, the seeds planted have grown into forests.The “Double Olympic City” not only promotes the integration of Olympic culture, ancient capital culture and innovative culture, but also witnesses the continuous improvement of urban civilization.A new generation of volunteers is emerging as a shining city card for the Beijing Winter Olympics.From the Summer Olympic Games to the Winter Olympic Games, is a forward-looking grand blueprint.As the world’s first “Double Olympic City”, Beijing has made an unprecedented mark in the Olympic legacy work. It has planned and managed the Olympic legacy in a comprehensive way from the very beginning of the preparations, and implemented the concept of sustainable Hosting in the process, integrating Olympic preparations with its own long-term development goals.With the preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity, Beijing, the “Double Olympic City”, Yanqing, the most beautiful Winter Olympic city, and Shougang Park, a new landmark of urban rejuvenation, have set long-term development goals with distinctive features and clear positioning, which are highly in line with the vision of Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Once an Olympic city, always an Olympic city.The continuous writing of the “Double Olympic City” is promoting the Olympic spirit to live forever, so that the Olympic legacy will be passed on to future generations.(Economic Daily By Han Bingzhi)