Gu Ailing asked the leek box today is really finished

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On the morning of February 14, Gu Ailing qualified for the women’s freestyle ski slopestyle final in third place. Her head-wink after the first jump and her calm eating of leek box after the second jump caused much discussion, which also showed the confidence of the 18-year-old Chinese.However, Gu Ailing later encountered a small embarrassment, in the face of foreign reporters what leek box is asked, was not the whole!After telling a reporter that she had eaten a leek box instead of a pie, Gu got stuck trying to translate into English: “It was a…I don’t know how to say English, I don’t even know what leek English is.How to say leek in English?””Then, what should fans say?You know those thin noodles things?””It’s like noodles and some Chinese vegetables, and it’s like a bun.”Gu gave up and smiled bitterly: “My English is really fucked up today!”How do you think the Chinese leek box should be translated?video