Spring Festival, feel the “mountain and sea feelings” of these mainland Taiwan compatriots

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Xinhua News Agency Fuzhou, February 4 (reporter Xu Xueyi)The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics kicked off on Thursday night.This makes Taiwan youth Zhang Liqi feel close.He was a doctoral student at Peking University and used to skate on Weiming Lake every year.”I loved roller-skating since I was a child in Taiwan. When I arrived in Beijing, I quickly learned to skate with the skates on.”Zhang Liqi, who lives in Xiamen, now believes ice and snow sports will be further popularized after the Winter Olympics.This year, due to the epidemic and other reasons, many Taiwan compatriots, including Zhang Liqi, did not return to Taiwan, but stayed in the mainland for the Spring Festival.It rained for days in Fujian this Spring Festival, disrupting Zhang liqi’s plans to surf the sea.So he stayed home in Xiamen, near the sea, eating hot pot, watching the Spring Festival Gala and talking on the phone with relatives in Taiwan.When Zhang Liqi was a student at Kinmen University, he used to enjoy watching Xiamen at night by the kinmen beach.In 2020, he became a postdoctoral fellow at the School of International Relations, Huaqiao University, and settled down in Xiamen. “It takes only 10 minutes to walk to the seaside from my house.”Across a strait, he found that the Customs of The Chinese New Year in Fujian and Taiwan were so similar.On New Year’s Eve, Spring Festival couplets are pasted on the door. Sugarcane, a symbol of “higher and higher”, is placed on the door. Hokkien New Year’s greeting songs reverberate across the street.Xiamen is a warm city, gradually let Zhang Liqi find the feeling of settling down.Last year, in addition to his work at Huaqiao University, he set up two companies with his friends, one focusing on think tank and media, the other on design. “I tried to do this, and the results were good.”Before the Chinese New Year, he organized the company for the first time to hold a “tail tooth” dinner.Everyone shows, lucky draw, very lively.”I feel like I’ve taken another step in my life.”He said.On the first day of the lunar New Year, Zhang liqi spoke with his family in Taiwan by phone and sent video messages.He sent wechat red envelopes to his family’s newest child, telling his grandmother, father, aunt and uncle that he had “great hope” in Xiamen and was looking forward to the early recovery of his “little three links”.”2022, my first Spring Festival in Fuzhou.”Tseng Zhiying, a planning designer from Taiwan and general manager of Fujian Orange Xiang Culture Travel, recorded an unforgettable moment in her wechat moments.She and her colleagues, who came to Fuzhou from Taiwan to work together, went to the supermarket to choose seafood. On New Year’s Eve, they served twelve dishes and one soup.The strong New Year flavor of Fuzhou filled Zeng Zhiying’s heart with joy.Over the years, Tseng chi-ying has been committed to promoting the participation of young Taiwanese architects in the construction and creation of Fujian township.Last year, she was most pleased when the Fujian Young Architects Association, of which she is a Taiwanese secretary general, officially launched the “Straits Township Innovation Award”.She hopes that the mainland and Taiwan will have a deeper understanding and exchange of ideas and that Taiwan professionals will find a bigger stage in Fujian.The first project zeng Zhiying took part in after coming to mainland China and taking root in a mountain village was the transformation of Meicheng Historical and cultural Block in Minqing County, Fuzhou.On New Year’s Eve, she sent pictures of the dinner to her friends in Minqing to express her best wishes for the Year of the Tiger.In 2021, zeng zhiying recruited local partners in Fuzhou to work together due to the needs of the project, and they kept adapting to each other.In her view, deeper integration means going through the “hammering” of life together. “Only through understanding, understanding and acceptance can partners on both sides of the Taiwan Strait acquire the most profound feelings.”In Sanming Taining, Taiwan architectural planner Zhang Xinyi leads a team dedicated to beautiful village development planning.Calling herself “Fujian farmer”, she shared the harvest and experience of the past year at the min-Taiwan Township construction and innovation Cooperation and exchange salon held before the Chinese New Year.This Spring Festival, Zhang Xinyi left Fujian to travel to Yunnan.Talking about her 2022 vision, she told reporters via wechat that every step the team took in the countryside was the result of collaboration with villagers and local officials.The sustainable development of the countryside and the activation of the industry are the common issues facing the villagers.”In 2022, all tigers will continue to explore a new path of development in rural construction,” she said.