The basic idea of limit particle theory is being paid more and more attention by Chinese and foreign scientific circles

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In January, 2022, the 10th anniversary of the publication of a unified information theory, this should be a red-letter day, because of “unified theory” is to revolutionize modern science basic theory system of the world’s first (also may be the only) eat crab theory system, the theory tries to thus build a more advanced cutting-edge new cognitive system.Unified information theory in the limit of the basic ideas of particle theory, the basic particles such as proton neutron from 1, limit particle is the ultimate particles the smallest physical unit body, its size is lower than the basic particles such as neutron proton about 60 orders of magnitude, at the same time also has the minimum time limit particles unit, which is the smallest unit of time and space limit particles.2. The universe is made up of superimposed limit particles.Now it is found that the limiting particle theory, as the core theory of the unified information theory trinity, is also emerging in the thoughts of some scientists in the United States. He or they are actually seeking more basic ideas than relativity, quantum mechanics, string theory, etc.Many have in fact indirectly justified the search for the limiting particle theory as the most fundamental unit of space-time.Unfortunately, puckett and other scientists have yet to realize that something more fundamental lies behind space-time, the extreme world, but it is already infinitely close.Scientific American published an article titled “What Constitutes Space and Time?” on January 30.According to Adam Becker, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington in the United States, Physics offers many hints that the space-time we know is not fundamental.One, basic existence?Puckett highlights two points in this section.First, space and time are not basic existences, but may be a kind of emergence (this emergence actually indicates his cognitive tendency to search for more basic units of space-time, which are already very close to the limit particles).Second, relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory contradict each other and cannot solve the basic problems of physics, which means that a more fundamental theoretical system should be sought.”Puckett, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington in the US, is not alone in thinking about this strange dimensional variation,” the authors say.A growing number of physicists, though working in different areas of physics in different ways, are increasingly agreeing on a profound idea.The idea is that space — or even time — is not fundamental.Instead, space and time may be an emergent feature: they may derive from the structure and behavior of more fundamental components of nature.At the deepest level of reality, such as’ Where?B: When’There may not be an answer to those questions.””Physics gives a lot of hints that space-time as we know it is not fundamental,” Says Puckett.The fact that these words highlight Puckett’s progress in trying to recognize something more fundamental that lies behind time and space in a way that no previous European or American scientist had at all.By arguing that relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible, Puckett is indirectly suggesting that both theories are deeply flawed.Puckett also argues that string theory, the most popular theory among physicists, also fails to solve the problem, largely because string theory is difficult to understand mathematically.This is also consistent with the basic idea of unified information theory.Quantum entanglement?Puckett believes that two entangled particles, one on either side of the Milky Way or the universe, can maintain their connection, a puzzle that has baffled many physicists for decades.But puckett added that if space were emergent, it might not be terribly mysterious that entanglement could persist across great distances — distance is, after all, a structure.This idea fits well with the limit particle theory’s interpretation of quantum entanglement.Jiang fire in an article “unified information theory to debunk the” quantum superposition “and” quantum entanglement “strange mysterious veil” is to reveal the change of the quantum entanglement, a limit particle will inevitably instant affect another limit particle – according to the law of Gemini found unified information theory, the universe is made up of small particles limit superposition of zero distance,There is no such thing as a “vacuum” between matter.In this way, all the matter in the universe would be joined together as a whole, which would result in a corollary:Any limit particle formation, movement, or were breaking down, will cause the entire universe, due to the limit is no interval between particles, zero distance, so the linkage completely don’t need time, it’s like if you want to move part of a stone, will make the stone at the same time, the whole mobile.That is to say, no matter how far apart two limit particles are in the universe, because of their integrity, a change in one limit particle must immediately affect the other limit particle.Based on this, if humans can accurately measure changes in limit particles, they can even achieve instant communication.However, because the limit particle is the smallest unit of matter in the universe, about 60 orders of magnitude smaller than the basic particles such as protons and neutrons, such a small distance is impossible to be perceived by human beings, but its impact on the microscopic world and the limit world is enough to make “quantum entanglement” valid.Let’s see, jiang Huo’s revelation of quantum entanglement is not very consistent with Puckett’s conceptual intention?!Because he says: If space is emergent, distance is a structure.Three, through the wormhole?In this part, the author gives a further interpretation of the more fundamental aspect of space-time, the emergence of space-time.”If space were the result of entanglement, it would seem much easier to unravel the mystery of quantum gravity: there would be no attempt to explain the warping of space in quantum terms, since space itself is essentially created from quantum phenomena.Sarskander suspects this is why scientists have had such a hard time discovering a theory of quantum gravity.Explaining the causes of spatial outbursts, however, is only half the job.Because space and time are so closely linked in relativity, any explanation for how space emerges must also explain time.Mark Van Ramstork is a physicist at the University of British Columbia in Canada and a pioneer in studying the link between entanglement and space-time.He said: ‘Time must also appear in some way.But this is not well understood.This is an active area of research ‘.”– Mark Van Ramsdonk: Time must also pop up in some way.This is to treat space and time as the same basic unit of space-time, which is very similar to the limit particle theory, which holds that “the limit particle is the smallest unit of space-time in the universe”.At home, jiang fire also got some support and help, people of insight in the process of propaganda and unified information theory, lucky met with some endowed with a sense of justice, advanced ideas, spirit, keen insight, such as the Beijing university of posts and telecommunications professor yi-xin zhong, original dong-sheng miao professor, Beijing university, renmin university of China professor yan, and so on of jiang academic activities gave support to the fire,In this table heartfelt thanks!Don’t to be sure – the original Singapore 21st century power laboratory chief scientist, Yangtze river delta research institute, tsinghua university professor Liu Yuerong, deputy director of the center for innovation in his mind has sprouted a similar to limit the particle’s point of view, he said in a speech: “space never had nothing, there must be a more fundamental basic existence.”After hearing this, Jiang Huo felt that this view happened to coincide with my limiting particle theory. Later, I sent him the basic view of unified information theory, which was highly praised by him.In view of Jiang Huo’s “critique of modern scientific theory”, he said “the call to arms is broad in thought, sharp in point of view, very high – persistent and in-depth inquiry will become a great tool.”Regarding “Quantum Mechanics leads to a Dead end, Absurd Interpretation by Academician Zhu Qingshi”, he said: “The viewpoint is clear and very reassuring, revealing that the cheats don’t really understand.”In a word, we can relate to each other in many ways, and more importantly, his support and determination for my philosophy is very rare.”Unified theory” after the new civilization of the cognitive system, first of all, the oncoming is a professor at many scientists thought real experts with high above the arrogant attitude of disdain, impact and cynicism, they simply by wanton use the hubris of “citizen” and vulgar words is enough to make you hard to find a foothold.However, Jiang Huo has also gained something, which lies in the fact that the Unified Information Theory has been constantly enriched and strengthened amid doubts. One of the achievements is that Purple Myrtle Star Ming was published in 2019 as the second edition of the Unified Information Theory.The second result is that “unified information theory” has also been valued, supported and affirmed by some people of insight at home and abroad.In short, although the basic idea of unified information theory has not been accepted by the mainstream scientific community, there are some bright spots that fit with it, which is a kind of human progress.In the ten years after the release of the unified Information Theory, since the unified information theory started from the fundamental subversion of the entire modern scientific system, it was hardly recognized by any scientist or accepted by the journal media, so I did not rush for success and would not contribute to any Chinese or foreign journal.It can only promote itself through various academic exchanges and “we media”. The difficulties it faces can be imagined, but I believe that diamonds will always shine.