This chery has been named Versailles version, now renamed chasing wind, the price is about the same as the Tiger

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Chery is also learning from Geely and Great Wall to launch the star Road brand.But unfortunately, they did not create a similar luxury brand effect, but tepid.Even said that their own Chery ruihu than, this is a tiger difficult model, said to continue to build?We’re way off target. We’re done?I wonder if all that early work was wasted.The star road I’m talking to you about today is also very interesting. It was called LX Versailles version before, but now it has become Star Road Chase.On the other hand, Versailles is now occupied by Citroen, and the name seems to be unlucky.In fact, Chery has always been strong but not so famous, so that it wants to position itself as a luxury brand, but it is a pity that there is no way but to position the price of Chifeng at 109,900, so we can see some helplessness.So what about this car?Let’s have a look now: in terms of appearance, the front face design style is more fierce, the grille adopts multi-spoke style, and the big light group transition is natural, the bottom is still a three-section air inlet design, the interior is mesh modification, the new car LOGO uses star copper brand color, high recognition.The side of the new car gives people a feeling of solid and powerful, the waist line is sharp and prominent, the design of the new car has a kind of swooping feeling, the bottom hub is five-spoke design, the internal caliper is red painting, it is special movement.Tail is the most bright eye is the taillight, the shape is very sharp, the bottom is bilateral double out of the tail row, surrounded by black, better sports effect.In the interior, the central console is simple in shape, with no extra physical keys. The air conditioning outlet is designed through, and there are metal ornaments in the middle. The visual effect is great.The most eye-catching is the performance of science and technology, the new car adopts a screen design, the size of 12.3 inches, built-in Lion3.0 smart cloud system, full of science and technology.In terms of power, the old tradition is still Chery 1.6T+ dual clutch, and its power performance will certainly be better than that of 1.5T models at the same level, while its fuel consumption will not rise significantly. The adjustment is different from That of Ruitiger, which is more advanced and ensures a certain sense of control.Generally speaking, the car is very good, no problem, but Brother Dou thinks that the appearance level of the body is a little ordinary, we can improve it. As for the interior, we can see if we can make it more intelligent, after all, this is the selling point of domestic luxury competition.In the last word, I hope that the star will not become the Qoros that it once was. What do you think?