This killer is not quite calm: Mary CP add another person?Wei Xiang is expected to rob Shen Teng of comedy status?

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I never expected that Wei Xiang would become the dark horse of the Spring Festival, the first time to stir up the big beam of happy twist, on the innovation of “xiang content” this word.Although the title of the film was criticized before it was released, the content is still very interesting.Wei Xiang wants to play the role of Wei Chenggong is an extra actor, under a chance, his performance was noticed by actress Milan.What Ma Li plays is when red actress Milan, he wants to have an assassination action because of the threat of investor, saw the wei Success that acting has nothing to say when taking a play so, let him join the action with male number one reason then.However, Wei chenggong himself did not know that there was a huge trap behind the hero.When he asked the director for the script, a sentence directly caused the audience to burst into laughter, “You give me the script, I will try to figure it out.”Milan always worried about wei’s success in the process, but in this dangerous and uncertain assassination.Wei Succeeds however because oneself enter the reason of play alone, ceasedly in all sorts of dangerous situation change danger weiyi, when all around is real ammunition when, he still can make corresponding countermeasure without any doubt, when oneself do not have weapon even in the hand, Wei succeeds in a word an action detonates the whole court again.When Wei pays tribute to xing Ye’s works, the props he prepares make Ma Li dumbfounded.Many in the audience think wei zifeng is not broad shoulders, because he and the headmaster in the film is very similar, although they are very good green leaves, but it is not the good red flowers, and Mary after Shen Teng, Allen and wei zifeng developed new CP, and wei zifeng also because the film’s chance to break the limitation of the audience to him on the show,Believe now should no one will think he is not a good red flower, right?In this killer is not too cold during the early propaganda, Shen Teng also for the deduction of wei zifeng is evaluated, he said if watching comedy, be sure to see the works of “xiang content” is not much, more Shen Teng comedy in the market for the future of wei zifeng evaluation for new vocabulary, we believed that “xiang content” will eventually go beyond its content?Feel free to discuss in the comments section.