Tiger 3X maximum discount of 2,000 yuan

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Buy Chery car find Guilin Guilin Road, diamond five-star dealers!Focus on Chery for 19 years!Integrity, professionalism, standard!Ruihu 3X quality enjoy version/Ruihu 3XPlus car purchase enjoy, 2000 yuan cash discount + up to 3000 yuan financial subsidies +2000 yuan replacement subsidies.Ruihu 3xPLUS happy gift: car purchase enjoy, 2000 yuan cash discount + 3000 yuan to high financial subsidies +2000 yuan replacement subsidies.Tiger 3XPlus Queen edition/Tiger 3X Diamond Edition Queen edition: ① Surprise gift: 2000 yuan cash discount for car purchase ② Financial gift: 3000 yuan cash subsidy for car purchase ③ Replacement gift: 2000 yuan cash subsidy for car purchase ④ Warranty gift: life-long warranty for engine ⑤ Recommendation gift:Chery certified owners recommend new users to buy cars through the mini program “Chery Owners Club”. Owners who have already bought cars can get a 300 yuan maintenance voucher and 10,000 points of Chery Owners Club, and new users can get a 500 yuan purchase voucher.Free VIP reservation: 400-872-7019 You can also click on the bottom of the web page “ask low price”, detailed and accurate to leave your information, we have professional consultants priority for your service.Guilin Bali Street Yongye Auto City Guilin Road Tong Qirui 4S shop.(Take Bus 301/302 and get off at Baliwu Road) From February 1, 2022 to February 1, 2022