After 90 young couple 44 square meters home, life is like poetry, happy and complacent

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Nowadays, young couples prefer light luxury and simple fashion and relatively grand and simple style in home decoration design. They do not like too complicated color collocation in decoration, but create a dazzling feeling. Instead, they prefer and focus on black, white and gray.On the basis of black and white black, add some dark color to create a rich and three-dimensional beautiful effect.In the meantime, above the material that installs in the home pledges, also pay attention to simple sense and detail more, decorate with modernization will make a practical and comfortable effect.What this period home installs a case to take everybody to walk into is the home of a young couple of 30 years old or so, they like to pursue new thing quite, experience the project with the most popular, the most stimulation at present.They embody the freedom and freedom of the post-90s generation, but at the same time, they also have a mature and rational side.They have a good balance between sensibility and reason in their lives, so they live their little days like poetry.Let us walk into the home of this pair of 90 hind small husband and wife now, see them to the home outfit design vogue to reflect together.The area of the whole home is 44 square meters.The main structure is one room, one kitchen, one bathroom structure, the structure design is relatively simple and reasonable layout.The whole home decoration design style is a modern and simple fashion style, furniture and color collocation are all carefully selected and designed, simple and generous and do not break the sense of detail, light luxury beautiful and do not break practical.Can be said to be this kind of small family that one room one hall installs the example.Porch door is the bright gray that made it mixes right side wall color as an organic whole, plus aureate door handle and door, contracted intelligence is practical.Porch place goes in, give a person a kind of contemporary and advanced sense.The cabinet surface of left white that takes the door still added the detail of line, have administrative levels sex and grain reason more.Circular mirror adds aureate frame to serve as ornament, beautiful and unified.The right side of the door is the same color as the door, making an integrated cabinet.The design of the whole body with some simple lines as an ornament is very advanced.Hooks are also designed to facilitate the placement of clothes.The stool that dark green changes shoe also is coordinated with whole color collocation photograph, add aureate stool leg, advanced and practical.The ceramic tile of carpet style does join together with parallelogram, had very good area trendible effect not only, and beautiful sex is dyein.The other wall.Also did the pattern design, beautiful and fashionable.The space that toilet toilet uses two independence smartly did dry wet depart.The sink is located in the outer area.The black texture of the wall tile looks very advanced.Lavabo also is black, still reserved space to place washing machine below, the other side is store content ark, simple but beautiful and practical.The mirror specially added light source, more have a kind of advanced feeling.Go through this door. It’s the shower.The design of bath and shower is very convenient.Still set desktop and put ark, a few aromatreatment and toiletries can undertake very good receive and display, add a few lamp source to serve as ornament again, built a kind of very good atmosphere feeling.Sitting room The sitting room is simple and atmospheric.The overall use of some bright color furniture, and to create a fresh and bright visual sense.The dark green sofa is very textured.White setting wall adds a few landscape paintings as an ornament, the atmosphere is beautiful.The other side is made into an integrated cabinet, with a display cabinet reserved in the middle for books and creative furnishings, while the drawer type of the lower level and the design of double doors on both sides can greatly increase the storage space.Gray miscellaneous grain carpet and circular woodiness small tea table, contracted and practical.TV setting wall also designs simpler, white TV ark and metope have a kind of clean aesthetic feeling.The balcony area also houses a single sofa.It has a good view and is very bright. It is a great place to drink coffee and read books.Kitchen kitchen is integrated L-type design, the whole uses light blue, gray and white to make a kind of pure and fresh, practical and beautiful effect.The cupboard door of blue gray added aureate handle, coordinate with the colour collocation photograph of porch place.Kitchen appliances are all hidden design, looking more clean and tidy.The background wall behind the desk is made of quadrilateral tiles to create a high-level feeling.The dining table is positioned between the living room and the kitchen window.Simple woodiness rectangular table is placed by the wall, add a few blue gray single person to rely on stool again, simple and practical dyed-in however.Add some flower bouquets to embellish, appear very atmosphere and style.Bedroom bedroom made a kind of contracted aesthetic feeling.Integral slants the ornament that the colour of dark attune adds a few details, make whole bedroom looks atmosphere beautiful and bright.The big double bed looks extra comfortable.Grey bedding is also easy to take care of, with some bright ginger as embellishments to create a high-level visual sense.Bed background wall is to use a simple gypsum line to do some details of the ornament, plus pictures and table lamps and other details of the ornament looks more rich.There are bedside tables on either side, very convenient.The left side by the door was made into a wardrobe.Large and small different styles of storage compartments and clothes hanging area well meet the needs of small couple two people hanging clothes.See the home of young young husband and wife of one room one hall, is the home that a lot of young friends feel to be oneself like to install design style?Color matching atmosphere and beautiful, functional and practical.Of intelligent household equip added a lot of modern feeling to whole home, it is a kind of ideal home outfit design simply.Like the friends that this home installs a design, learn at once rise!Baidu Home Furnishing Master Group #