“Blizzard warning” On February 7, xiushui County meteorological station issued a blue blizzard warning “level IV/general”

2022-05-23 0 By

The Xiushui County Meteorological Observatory issued a blue warning signal of blizzard at 07:47 on February 7, 2022: It is expected that in the next 12 hours:White town, a township, cheng fang village, big pile township, bridge town, donggang township, multiple source township, port town, the ancient town, hangzhou mouth town, HeShi Town, huangao township, yellow port town, yellow dragon township, yellow sand town, road town, township, ma depression flood river township, temple hill township, peaceful state, full xinfeng, ShanKou Town, served on the town, shanghang township, township, township, township water stone depression on unlined upper garment, four town town, west town, the sun rises, Xikou Town, Xinwan township, Yining town, yu塅 township, Zhanjin Town, Zhengcun township, Zhuping township in some areas of the snow will be more than 4 mm, or has been more than 4 mm and snow continued, may have an impact on transportation or agriculture and animal husbandry.1. The government and relevant departments shall make preparations for snow disasters and freezing damage according to their duties;2. Transportation, railway, electric power and communications departments shall carry out road, railway and line inspection and maintenance, and do a good job in road clearing and snow melting;3. Pedestrians should pay attention to anti-skid, drivers should drive carefully, vehicles should take anti-skid measures;4. The farming and pastoral areas and the breeding and breeding industries should reserve feed and prepare for snow disaster and freezing damage;5. Temporary structures that are easy to be crushed by snow, such as reinforced scaffolds.