Instead of the death penalty, the felon was sent to prison to have his organs removed

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The man in prison Y is an SX offender.An old black lawyer was announcing to him: congratulations, you don’t have to die.Alas..)The man broke down in agony and burst into tears.It turns out that in their country they decided to abolish SX.But in its place is a new X penalty.Serious q-offenders will undergo multiple surgeries each time a part of their body will be removed from the J-limb.It ends when the families of the victims call it quits.(It was scary to hear.) And the man crying was the first person chosen to be the pilot.He growled and cried that he would rather die than accept such a punishment.Old Nigger told him to calm down because he js and zap an innocent girl.The man insisted over and over again (that was because he had had too much to drink that night) and the old man continued.And you’re going to set a national example of how not to do it.It’s a form of redemption.And there are experts estimate.Victims’ families usually call it off during the second or third surgery.You can still get your life back.The man cried all night hugging the toilet.Soon the first operation was scheduled.The man is tied to the operating table and looks out the window begging.Outside the window, the victim’s father and his two daughters came to watch.He gave the order without hesitation.The doctor injected the man with anaesthetic and then amputated his left hand.The victim’s father and two daughters watched the procedure from the window.The victim’s father had tears in his eyes but he was not a man.He was thinking of his victimized eldest daughter.This man is a felon who didn’t get an “S” sentence.His left hand was amputated first.The men were taken to some schools after their wounds healed.He showed off his left hand, which had been amputated.He spoke of his regret and fear through clenched teeth.A month later the man was wheeled into the operating room for a second operation.This time the man’s right hand and left leg will be amputated.The victim’s youngest sister did not come.My father hesitated a little but nodded his head to begin the operation.The operating room immediately heard the sound of chainsaws.The eldest daughter could not bear to watch and turned away.The victim’s father still showed no emotion and his eyes filled with tears.The man recovered well after the operation.It’s just that I’m getting a little paranoid.He would wake up from his sleep and mutter that he couldn’t do anything wrong…Men with only their right leg were still shown at schools.But not all troubled teens fall for that and laugh at men.Unexpectedly, the families of the victims have yet to stop.The man who pushed into the operating room for the third time begged.My heart is full of regret.The man of today is a monster without arms and legs.Opposition to the x penalty is growing across the country.In a few months the fourth surgery will begin.This time the man will have a kidney and a lung removed.Even the doctor who operated on him expressed sympathy.The victim’s father was the only person watching from the window.He still gave the order.The man looked worse after the operation than before.But the spirit is much more stable.He no longer cried or whined.He can even calmly watch a video of his own surgery.This criminal assaulted an innocent young girl.I mean, he didn’t get an “S” sentence.But he’s had four j-leg surgeries so far.With no hope for life, he calmly watched a video of his operation.Soon the fifth operation came.A man knows very well that he will wake up again and not be a man.He implored the doctor who operated on him to show mercy.But it’s up to the father outside the window.The man woke up after the operation.He stopped responding to anyone.The whole man is like a piece of meat.A sixth operation is planned to remove the nose, ears and tip of the tongue.The executor looked out the window at the victim’s father.Still want to continue?.Not satisfied enough?.In fact, every operation for the father is not not a struggle.I kept seeing the horror of my eldest daughter.The man after the operation is now a living specimen.The victim’s father finally agreed to sign a stop.The man was admitted to a special care unit.All he can do every day now is stare at the ceiling.Then wait for the regular monthly tour of the country.This is impossible in a world where there is zero f sin forever.But as long as each of us can restrain ourselves from doing bad things.The sin in the world will be gone forever.Of course this is just a vision do you think it’s going to work?.Keep an eye on Brother Ugly and see you next time!