It is not easy for The Chinese women’s football team to win the gold medal, and the huge prize money, the fans want to see whether the FOOTBALL association will give rewards

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China won the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup with a 3-2 comeback win over South Korea after conceding the first two goals.The Chinese women’s soccer team staged an epic super comeback, like a textbook.This is the ninth time that Chinese women’s football team has topped the Asian Cup.Chinese women’s football team once again climbed to the top of Asia, they are still the king of Asian women’s football.The Chinese women’s football girls have interpreted the spirit of sports with their indomitable fighting spirit and their fearless spirit of never abandoning and never giving up.China women’s football team of the Asian Cup tour, promotion is not smooth, the title is very difficult.In the group stage, the Chinese women’s football team beat Chinese Taipei 4-0 and Iran 7-0.The Chinese women’s football team won the group stage easily.In the knockout round, China met Vietnam in the quarterfinals.The Vietnamese women scored in the 10th minute.The goal is also a wake-up call for Chinese women’s soccer.The Asian Cup is not that easy.Fortunately, Wang Shuang stepped forward in time and scored a goal to equalize the score in the 24th minute.Wang Shanshan scored in the 51st minute and Tang Jiali scored in the 53rd.The Chinese women’s football team advanced to the semi-finals by beating Vietnam 3-1 with three straight goals.In the semifinal, The Chinese women’s football team met the world champion Japan team, and the Chinese women’s football team was at a disadvantage.In addition, Wang Shuang training sprained ankle, unable to participate in the game, is to make the team worse.Chinese women’s football team no matter how much, fight over.Japan scored in the 25th minute when first-half stoppage time substitute Xiao Yuyi passed the ball to Wu Chengshu, who scored to give China the equalizer.The two sides were tied in regular time and had to play extra time.In the 102nd minute of extra time, Japan scored again to take the lead over China.The Chinese team is dangerous.Wang Shanshan stepped up and scored in the 118th minute to give China a chance to beat Japan 4-3 in a penalty shootout.The Chinese women’s football team defeated Japan 6-5 to advance to the Final of the Asian Cup.In the final, The Chinese women’s football team played against the Korean women’s football team.South Korean women’s football team has made great progress in recent years and its strength is already very high.They scored in the 26th minute and South Korea scored again in first-half stoppage time after China scored.South Korea leads 2-0.The fans lost heart, but not the Chinese women’s soccer team.Head coach Shui Qingxia continuous substitution, the body has not recovered wang Shuang and Lou Jiahui off the field, replaced xiao Yuyi, Zhang Linyan.The two men played a key role.The 67th minute, Zhang Linyan made a penalty, Tang Jiali in.The 72nd minute, Tang Jiali assist, Zhang Linyan headed in.In the 93rd minute, Xiao Yuyi scored the winner.China won the Asian Cup by beating South Korea 3-2 with three straight goals.It’s a bumpy road for The Chinese women’s football team.Relative to the Chinese men’s football team’s successive defeats, the Chinese face all lost;Chinese women’s football team to Chinese football, the face of the people back.Therefore, the majority of netizens hope to give the Chinese women’s football team rich rewards.This time, the winner of the Asian Cup can get a prize of us $1 million, or 6.36 million yuan.Of course, this is only the AFC money, it is the tournament money.Domestic bonuses will not be small.At the moment when The Chinese women’s football team won the gold medal, the two sponsors of the Chinese women’s football team respectively gave a huge prize.Domestic dairy giants announced a reward of 10 million yuan.The mobile payment giant awarded 10 million yuan to the players and 3 million yuan to shui Qingxia’s coaching team.26.36 million yuan was awarded to players.There are 23 members of the Chinese women’s football team, each of whom can receive a little more than 1 million yuan.That’s a big prize for the women.Their usual wages are very low, compared with the Chinese men’s football team members at every turn tens of millions, hundreds of millions of wages, peanuts are not comparable, can not be compared.Netizens said that each female soccer player should have at least 5 million yuan.In order to enter the World Cup, the football association to men’s football team open huge bonuses, the problem is that men’s football is not.Because these bonuses relative to the club open wages, far from the difference.Therefore, many men’s football players do not contribute to the international competition, for fear of being injured and affecting their “money” way.And even if the men’s soccer players liked the prize money, they couldn’t take it.How can the men’s football team, which can’t even beat Vietnam, win the “winning award”?Netizens are demanding that the women’s team receive the “winning money” that the men’s team members are unable to earn.It depends on whether the football association will respond to public opinion.If the women’s football players are not given bonuses, I believe the majority of football fans will not agree.