Save Dad first!Zhengzhou cancer boy family of 5 real cancer story

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“I have terminal cancer, save my father first!”The words of xiao Yu, a young man trapped in a car accident in Zhengzhou, moved countless netizens recently.On March 14, the video reporter of Dahe Daily yu met the boy and his family, and learned that behind this sentence is the true story of “father for son”, “brother for brother” and “mother for family” that happened in a family over several years.This is the true portrayal of an ordinary family fighting against disease and tenacious life.Xiao Yu, 20, lives in Zhengzhou.In April 2021, Xiao Yu, a senior in high school, developed discomfort symptoms such as nasal congestion and nosebleeds. Later, she developed pain in her legs and was unable to stand up and exercise normally.A month later, Xiaoyu was diagnosed as terminal rhabdomyosarcoma.At first, he took medication while attending school.As his condition gradually deepened, he had to suspend school and split time between home and hospital.So far, he has undergone multiple treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.At the beginning of March this year, Xiao Yu was hospitalized for several days because her blood pattern was too low to meet the medication standards.On March 10, Xiao Yu felt a little stuffy after taking medicine, so she asked her father to take her out for a breath of air.Later that evening, on the way back to the hospital, my father had driven into a curb, making a big dent in the cement block and scattering parts of the car all over the floor.Later, rescue workers rushed to the scene to free them and sent to the hospital for treatment.On March 14, the scene of the accident before and after contrast figure in the afternoon, the river, to provide video, reporter went to the hospital to see light rain, the via huaxia avenue and taihu lake road intersection, see here have used WeiDang, side of the road also restored the past pedestrians, but below the cement light traces of gouges where whole pieces were missing, still can be seen here has faced fierce collision.Now, the Pentium suv driven by Xiaoyu’s father sits in a parking lot not far from the hospital. The front bumper has fallen off, the front left headlight has fallen off, and the windshield in front of the driver’s seat has large cracks. The vehicle is completely scrapped.Damaged vehicles in the evening more than 6 o ‘clock, the reporter in the first affiliated hospital of Zhengda South hospital emergency department on the 4th floor of the ward to see the light rain himself, light rain gently waved to greet reporters.Affected by both his illness and the accident, Xiao Yu looked gaunt and puffy.Xiao Yu’s got two broken ribs, liver contusions and fluid.In the same ward, light rain father lying in a bed between the hospital bed, slightly pain sing.The father and son are now out of danger, the doctor said.Recalling the day of the accident, Xiaoyu told reporters that his father was only 41 years old, but in order to treat his own illness, high intensity of physical labor and mental pressure made his body often on the edge of overdraw.While driving, my father fell asleep and hit a curb.At that time, the words “save my father first” came out instinctively.”I may not survive today.” In the process of the reporter and Xiaoyu chat, the corner of the ward stood a tall young man, quietly listening.He is Xiaoyu’s elder brother, a year and a half older than Xiaoyu, and is a sophomore in jiangxi Institute of Fashion.In January this year, she went back home during the winter vacation and saw that her brother’s condition had not improved. In order to reduce the burden of the family and take care of her brother, Xiao Yu applied for a one-year suspension from school.After his father and brother had a car accident, Xiaoyu’s brother has been accompanying him in the hospital, paying fees and taking the results……Shuttling from building to building in the hospital, the once carefree big boy became an adult overnight and began to take charge of the family.In the eyes of his brother, Xiaoyu is a very thoughtful person who likes to be alone. Although she is not good at words, her family is very important to her.Light rain brother said, the third year of the year, brother cancer recurrence, pain to death, was sent to the hospital, brother pulled his brother’s hand, and forced the elder brother’s head in its ear said:”You have to be careful. Sometimes our parents don’t think very well. You have to think long and hard before you make a decision.It was the first time his brother had spoken to him.So, when he saw his brother say that sentence “save my father first” video, Xiaoyu brother said, expected.Light rain home windowsill, a pot for no care has withered light rain brother told reporters, he is also called a bitter child, childhood with parents from Shangqiu Jiahe City hometown came to Zhengzhou struggle, at first rent a house to live, parents sold vegetables, also placed stalls, later began to operate food and oil business.Through the joint efforts of his parents, when he was in the sixth grade, his parents bought a school district house located in the courtyard of No. 23 Jinming Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou city, with a building area of about 115m².According to residents, the community was built in the 1970s and has complete educational facilities nearby, with Zhengzhou No. 47 Middle School across the street.There are three fish tanks in Xiaoyu’s home. In addition to a big one in the living room, there are two fish tanks in Xiaoyu’s bedroom, which contain all kinds of aquatic plants.Brother xiaoyu said: my brother is fond of planting water plants and raising fish, which are his treasures.Light rain bedroom water tank in the ward, reporters will visit light rain home with mobile phone camera fish tank video out, light rain tired eyes suddenly have light, a little excited, want to sit up.He pointed to one of the small square grass jars, which he said he had been taking care of for two years.Looking through the glass, the plants in the tank of water grass grow very well, and small fish swim leisurely in it, but there are two yellow water lilies in a piece of green seems to be a little out of place.Light rain told reporters that the two water lilies have different meanings for him, he is very like “Love Lotus said” in the “to only love lotus out of the silt and not dyed, zhuo Qinglian and not demon” this sentence, although many people may not believe so, but he is from the heart of love.Screen, two water lilies sway in the water, tenacious growth, light rain looked at a few eyes, more than a smile on the face.Life always has light these years, relying on the operation of grain stores, home conditions have been improved, can be said to rely on food and clothing, hand surplus money, children’s needs parents will try to meet.Life is getting better and better, however, every now and then something unexpected happens.Xiaoyu’s brother said that in 2005, his mother suffered a car accident on the way to deliver goods, and the party responsible for the accident should have compensated more than 200,000 yuan. Considering that the other family could not take so much money in the countryside, the family only collected 100,000 yuan, and the rest of the medical expenses were borne by themselves.She still has severe scars on her body.In 2012, my sister was born, and my mother suffered from postpartum depression. She had a bad temper for a while and needed to take medication for a long time.Despite so many hardships, Xiao Yu’s parents have always been in a good relationship.They rely on their hands to pull the family back to the track of life, life has returned to the state of peace and comfort.High school, handsome appearance, 191cm tall xiaoyu brother chose to walk the road of art examination, his dream is to become a model.After learning of their son’s idea, the two parents gave him a special application for the art examination organization, fully support their son’s dream.In the art examination, Xiaoyu brother went to all parts of the country to participate in the single enrollment examination, and obtained a number of colleges and universities single enrollment certificate.In 2020, Xiaoyu’s brother received a notice from his favorite university.Xiaoyu also changed the rebellious state, study hard, from the grade of hundreds of progress to the top 50, single subject scores among the best.However, his brother’s sudden illness broke the family’s stability again.One kilometer away from home in jinma Wisdom Farmers’ Market, Jianwei Grain and Oil Dry blending shop is the whole source of income for the family.Thinking of her husband and son being treated in hospital, Xiaoyu’s mother, Zhang Qiuling, dared not stop her busy pace.A customer bought a bag of flour 50 jin, Zhang Qiuling said to move, although a little difficult, but she has been used to it.Xiao Yu’s mother is busy in the store, holding a bag of flour of 50 kilograms in her hand. In the past two years, due to the impact of the epidemic, the store’s business is also up and down.Zhang Qiuling told reporters that for so many years, their own has been adhering to the idea of small profits, store management can support for so long are relying on the support and trust of old customers.Since his son was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he has spent more than 300,000 yuan on treatment expenses excluding medical insurance reimbursement.The house is also mortgage out, not long ago, and borrowed a loan of 200,000 yuan, this time experienced a car accident, making the family worse.Now Zhang has to get up at 5 or 6 am every morning to collect goods and deliver them to the store. Xiao Yu’s grandparents and aunts also come from their hometown to help.He worked in the store during the day, visited his husband and son in the hospital at night, and went home to rest in the early morning.Businesses nearby learned of xiao Yu’s family’s ordeal and rushed to help.There are many caring people came to the store to spend, leaving hundreds of yuan do not let change.There are also some people who put down the money and walk away without buying anything.Manager Yang, who is in charge of the Jinma Wisdom Farmers’ Market, told reporters that the market decided to reduce half of the rent of Zhang qiuling’s dry grain and oil store and provide 10,000 yuan to the family.In addition, prepare to organize merchants for fundraising activities.Neighbors in Xiaoyu’s community also made donations for the family.Xiaoyu brother told reporters that he has submitted to the community sub-district office of subsistence insurance materials, is currently in accordance with the procedures.The warmth from outside her family gave Zhang the motivation to carry on.’When money runs out, we can earn it again, and when a house runs out, we can buy it again, as long as the family is safe,’ she said.On March 15, reporters and light rain again through the phone, through the sound can feel the state of light rain is good.There is always light in life.The light rain on his hospital bed did not give up his longing. He said that he hoped that he would have a chance to go back to school, read a favorite major, be a university teacher, and live like an ordinary person.———————————————— Dahe Daily · Yu Video reporter Chen Tiantian source: Dahe Daily