Sun Zhuo returned home less than two months later and got rid of the “bad habit” of supporting his family

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Foreword: In the long growth road, the healthy growth of students need parents to accompany them, not every student can have good learning habits from the beginning, teachers and parents are a beacon in the growth road of students, pointing out the way ahead for students.Education is a heavy task, parents need to be able to adhere to the cause for a long time.Many students catch the bad habit of playing mobile phones, and Sun Zhuo is no exception. Education is the top priority of every family. Every student is not only the future of our country, but also the hope of every small family.Every parent for their children can pay everything, for students to create a good educational environment, enjoy high-quality teaching resources.Every child cannot avoid making mistakes. As parents, they should play the role of pointing the direction and helping students develop good study habits from childhood.For children who are naturally fun-loving, parents play an important role in making childhood fun and learning tasks.At present, intelligent electronic devices have filled every corner of our lives. Students will become more addicted to intelligent devices out of curiosity, and Sun Zhuo is no exception.Whether it is video software or games, students can waste more time and energy and shorten their study time.For growth, a short video of less than a minute has been addicted to this unable to extricate themselves;A wide variety of major games will make students addicted, which requires parents to correct guidance.The lost child Sun Zhuo successfully returned to his family of origin. The family itself was very happy, while looking for their parents’ abducted children, while the parents of the missing children are bitter, a happy ending but there are some small problems.Sun Zhuo was very happy when he just came back home, but he could not adapt to this familiar and strange family. Moreover, he had a bad habit from supporting his family, that is, he often played with his mobile phone.When Sun Zhuo returned home, he almost kept his mobile phone with him. It was a bad habit brought by his adoptive parents, but his grandparents did not reprimand him.On the contrary, when the couple saw this scene, they felt sad and ashamed. They felt that it was because of their lack of companionship for so many years that their children were so dependent on mobile phones.To make up for his years of companionship, Sun Zhuo’s parents often accompany him, and his mother patiently asks and listens to him.In this way, Sun Zhuo, once a little naughty and a little male chauvinism, slowly became a gentle “warm man”. He not only put down his mobile phone, but also began to take the initiative to help his classmates and family, and gradually opened his heart to his family.In this way, sun Zhuo returned home less than two months later and got rid of the “bad habit” of supporting the family. The sun and his wife were very happy. It seemed that company was the best way to educate them.How should parents guide students who “never leave their mobile phones” like Sun Zhuo?Now many students have mobile phone dependence, this parents are often helpless, in fact, we can learn from The practice of Sun Haiyang husband and wife, patiently guide children away from mobile phones, develop a good habit of self-study, master the ability to resist the temptation of outside entertainment.Parents must accompany students more: every child has the nature of love to play, but more is the need for playmates, parents as students get along with the longest, is the best playmates of students.Students who are addicted to games are more likely to fill their inner void in this way because of the lack of playmates to play with.Sun Zhuo’s parents take advantage of this, since the child wants to play, they directly accompany the child to play together, completely liberating the child’s nature.Make multiple tasks for children: help students with assigned tasks to fill up their space time every day, so that busy students will have time and energy to indulge in electronic devices.Although Sun Zhuo has just come back home, both sun Haiyang and his wife, as well as his sister and brother, have taken him as their relatives. In winter vacation, Sun Zhuo learns English from his sister, helps the family, and takes care of his brother from time to time.In such a full life, Sun Zhuo naturally gave up mobile phones and became a happy child to his parents.Other parents should also note that middle and high school students are in the rebellious stage, and they will resist the things that bind them. Only by adopting a way that is more acceptable to students can parents really make students accept the correct living habits.Establish students’ confidence: Many students play mobile phones not really like playing mobile phones, but in this way to escape from study. Sun Zhuo’s grades have declined after transferring to another school, and he is very upset.The beginning of resistance to learning is the stress response that students choose to escape when they encounter problems in learning. They will be frustrated in learning for a long time, or they will naturally shrink back in learning a certain subject.Especially at this sensitive time, parents need to help students establish self-confidence.The establishment of self-confidence is of great significance to the long-term growth of students and is conducive to the healthy growth of students.In the end, the growth of students needs the company of parents, for the shortcomings of students, can not only think of blame, after all, parents are the first teacher of students, students’ bad grades parents will also have a lot of responsibility.The case of Sun Zhuo tells us that in fact, every child can become an excellent student, but there is a lack of opportunities.Today’s topic: Let’s talk about whether your child plays mobile phone, and how do you help him?