Suzhou, Jiangsu Province: Life and death moment!The police hugged him tightly and rescued him

2022-05-23 0 By

At more than 2 o ‘clock in the morning of March 13, a public reported to the police that someone was about to jump off the Yunli Bridge. Xu Minghao, a police officer from the police station of the Development Zone, rushed to the scene. A man had climbed out of the bridge fence and sat beside the iron cable outside the bridge deck.Tied on rescue rope climb over the rail approached slowly though was spring but the deck in the morning but still cold bridge more than ten meters is Xu Minghao fast-flowing river constantly patience exhortation and try to close to behold man suddenly excited to dive off the difference between life and death moment Xu Minghao left arm cling to men hooked existing at the same time, the tightlyBridge deck other rescue workers tightly pull the rescue rope will be life on the line of two people slowly pull back to the bridge until two people back to the safety of xu Minghao felt that he has completely off the left arm is more because the hook rope was strangled out of blood traces brave warm river city for the rescue of his praise!Source: Wujiang Public Security Micro police editor: WCQ