The city of a hospital of spinal surgery to promote the “zero high value consumables” lumbar degenerative surgery

2022-05-23 0 By

Hand-held Qujing News recently, The first People’s Hospital of Qujing City spinal surgery Ren Jing, director of the team application of spinal microscope channel assisted simple decompression treatment of lumbar spinal degenerative diseases achieved good results.68-year-old Uncle Wu has been suffering from lumbar degenerative disease for more than three years. He has been suffering from sore swelling in the waist, pain and numbness in both lower limbs and calves. When he walks 50 meters, he has to sit down and rest to relieve the pain symptoms, which seriously affects his daily life.After inquiring about the patient’s medical history, physical examination and imaging examination, it was confirmed that the patient was suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis at L4/5 and L5/S1 responsible segments, which led to cludication. Simple decompression therapy could be assisted by spinal microscope channel.Subsequently, the minimally invasive surgery was performed successfully and the patient achieved good symptom improvement.The application of minimally invasive pathway under spinal microscope in the treatment of lumbar spinal degenerative diseases has positive advantages: ① Minimally invasive targeted treatment — treatment of spinal nerve compression at the responsible segment;② The damage of spine, muscle, ligament and other tissues in traditional open surgery can be significantly reduced, and the stable structure of spine can be preserved as much as possible.③ Shorten the operation time, reduce intraoperative bleeding and do not need to implant consumables, reduce the economic burden of patients to the greatest extent;④ Reduce intraoperative and postoperative infection, internal fixation failure and other complications, conducive to rapid recovery.Combined with clean construction department, follow up the domestic and international spinal microsurgical concept of minimally invasive techniques, in a hospital, minimally invasive spine surgery fully application of spinal microscope, high-speed mill equipment, such as promoting appropriate lumbar degeneration (stenosis), lumbar degeneration slippage, mild scoliosis assisted minimally invasive channel under the microscope of simple decompression surgery,Truly let patients spend less, spinal mobility retention better, to achieve the purpose of rapid recovery.A city hospital