How do we media people make money?I admit it, I’m out

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How does we media make money?Or how do we media people make money?Today I will give you a brief introduction.The more money you make back there, the better.Ten levels. What level are you in?1. Subsidies of the platform, such as Toutiao number and 100 number, will be given to certain subsidies in order to attract some we-media to settle in.Or if you reach a certain level, you can also get a certain subsidy.2, the platform of advertising this depends on what you do is the platform, like 100, headline number of platform advertising threshold is relatively low.Public number, you have to have 500 fans to receive platform advertising.Little Red book needs 5000 fans to receive.3, their own advertising this also need to accumulate a certain number of fans, but the specific number of fans varies, some fans hundreds can receive advertising, and some need tens of thousands to receive advertising, mainly depends on the industry and verticality.4. Contributing Many we-media newbies also contribute to other platforms to earn royalties when they operate we-media.This can not only make money but also improve your writing level (because some platforms will tell you how to correct your contribution when it is received.) 5. Rewards are basically ignored, and fans may not receive rewards either, because this is the personal will of readers and completely out of their control.6. Sell products If you like reading, sell books.What your public number does is good, record course, sell public number operation course.The little red book does well sells the little red book course.Make up good, recommend others cosmetics, etc.One thing to be aware of is that what you’re selling is closely related to what you’re doing.7, paid community this is more difficult than selling products, you need a long time to accumulate, and gain the trust of fans, the focus is to have a long time of good quality output.8. Making speeches and publishing books requires a greater influence. Publishing books related to the industry can not only better promote publicity but also continuously earn book fees (ordinary people cannot do this.9. Offline activities, mainly the influence of “we media” itself, can earn corresponding remuneration by holding offline activities in cooperation with merchants.This requires the accumulation of professional knowledge and understanding of the industry.It also needs validation.10. Help enterprises to operate or serve as consultants. Now, in addition to individuals, many small and medium-sized enterprises are also doing “we media”.Generation operation is based on the year as a unit, income is objective.Therefore, there are many ways for “we media” to make money. No matter which way, “We media” people need to carefully operate it.I’m one of those we-media people who can’t make money. Where are you?