Liaoning: Promote the balanced and orderly development of medical resources in the province

2022-05-24 0 By

Recently, the “difference” in liaoning province health and health plan (hereinafter referred to as the “planning”), “planning”, “difference” period, the development of our province to carry out the people centered thoughts, comprehensively promote healthy construction of liaoning, to reform and innovation as fundamental dynamics, with the development of high quality as the theme,To build high-quality and efficient whole-life cycle health service system for the whole population as the main line, make full use of digital empowerment, scientific and technological innovation and other means to complete the transformation of development mode and service mode, significantly improve people’s health and promote long-term balanced development of population.At the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, liaoning province should basically establish a health service system with comprehensive coverage, balanced layout, high quality and high efficiency, and strong guarantee. The total amount of health resources in the province should increase moderately, the supply-side structural reform should achieve phased results, the “linkage of three hospitals” should be highly coordinated, and the healthy Liaoning action should achieve remarkable results.A pattern of high-quality development underpinned by the modernization of governance systems and capacity has been basically established.In terms of building and improving a strong public health prevention and control system, the plan proposes to reform and improve the disease prevention and control system, establish and improve a three-level disease prevention and control system at the provincial, city and county (district) levels, and strengthen disease prevention and control at the grassroots level.We will strengthen the capacity building of disease prevention and control institutions, build a first-class provincial disease control and prevention center in China, establish a high-level emergency command system, optimize the monitoring and early warning and emergency response systems, strengthen the medical treatment system and emergency medical rescue network, fulfill the requirements of medical and prevention coordination, and strengthen the health supervision system.In terms of building a high-quality and efficient medical service system, the Plan proposes to integrate and optimize medical resources, promote the balanced and orderly development of provincial medical resources, and promote the expansion and sinking of high-quality resources.We will vigorously promote the construction of national and provincial medical centers, and accelerate the construction of close medical communities at county level.We will comprehensively improve the capacity of medical services, strengthen the construction of key specialties, and form a group of key specialties that are first-class in China and leading in northeast China.We will strengthen the quality and safety of medical care and improve the capacity and level of rural health services.In building a strong TCM service system, the Plan calls for in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening TCM in provinces, comprehensively improving TCM medical service capabilities, strengthening TCM personnel training, promoting inheritance, innovation and open development, and promoting the revitalization and development of the TCM industry.The plan also sets out the two major tasks of comprehensively preventing and controlling major diseases and strengthening health services throughout the life cycle, as well as specific measures and goals.And the implementation of the “digital Liaoning” strategy, put forward the development of digital health and intelligent medical treatment, improve the level of digital epidemic prevention, lay a solid foundation for the development of digital health strategy in the province, deepen the “Internet + medical and health” service for the convenience of the people and other specific deployment.(Reprinted from reporter Wang Minna) Article source: Le Ju