Morning reading agency | Zhejiang owners attention!From April 1st, there will be a change in the rules of scoring traffic offences

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Waterfall has no fear of the cliff, so sing the song of life majestic.Zhejiang news client reader friends good morning!Today is Friday, February 18, 2022, the 18th day of the first lunar month.Adorable children hold a torch to welcome the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou, capital of East China’s Zhejiang Province, Feb. 17, 2008.Zhejiang released 2021 “no waste index” the first is the city recently, Zhejiang released 2021 “no waste index” — 76.4.This is a steady increase from 76.17 in November last year when the “no waste index” was first released.Among them, Huzhou city, Hangzhou city, Wenzhou ranked in the “no waste index” top three.At noon on February 17, the women’s ice gold medal competition of Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in Wukesong Sports Center in Beijing.Wu Xing, a domestic technical official from Zhejiang province and jiaxing School affiliated to Tsinghua High School, kept busy recording every goal and assist during the fierce confrontation between the us and Canada teams.Recently, 11 public institutions affiliated to Hangzhou Health Commission with appropriate financial subsidies will recruit 169 public establishment staff due to work needs.Recruitment unit including the first people’s hospital of hangzhou cancer hospital, the third people’s hospital of hangzhou, hangzhou, hangzhou Red Cross hospital, hospital of hangzhou xixi, hangzhou seventh people’s hospital of obstetrics and gynecology hospital, hospital of hangzhou, hangzhou, hangzhou geriatrics, hospital of hangzhou five yunshan, ninth people’s hospital of hangzhou, etc.In early spring, the temperature rises, farmers around the country do not miss the time of farming, actively carry out spring ploughing preparation production work.Villagers in Taiyuan Town, Hengyang, Hunan, plow rice fields with farm machinery.Xinhua News Agency notice!From April 1 this year, the rules for scoring traffic offences will undergo major changes.For example, pressing line buckle 3 points into 1 points;9 points will be deducted from 12 points for driving a vehicle not conforming to the driving type;Driving on a hand-held phone will change from 2 points to 3 points;Did not paste inspection mark buckle 3 points into not buckle points.To meet the needs of passengers, some trains of the Yangtze River Delta Railway have resumed operation one after another, while more trains have been opened.The number and time of additional trains are subject to the announcement of the railway station. For further information about additional trains, please follow the wechat official account of Yangtze River Delta Railway or the announcement of the railway station.Pay attention!The Ministry of Civil Affairs on Tuesday released its first list of suspected illegal social organizations for 2022, urging the public to be vigilant and avoid being cheated.1. Chinese Society of Translation Cognition 2. Chinese Enterprise Strategic Alliance Development Promotion Association 3.China Life Culture Association (legally registered as China Life Care Association) 6.China Property Management Service Association (legally registered as China Property Management Association) 7. Traditional Poetry Research Society 8.On February 17th, hangzhou ushered in the third snow of the Year of the Tiger. Snowflakes were flying in the West Lake scenic area, and the West Lake in the snow was like an interesting splashed ink landscape, emitting thick poetry.Zhejiang news client reporter Lin Yunlong photo of the province’s weather forecast: today in northern Zhejiang area cloudy with sleet to light rain, mountain parts of sleet or snow;Other areas with light to moderate rain.Morning minimum temperature: -1℃ to -3℃ in mountainous areas;3-5℃ in southern Zhejiang and coastal areas;Other areas 0-2℃.Daytime maximum temperature: 6-8℃ in south Zhejiang and coastal areas;Other areas 4-6℃.City weather forecast:Hangzhou 3-4 ℃ light rain Ningbo 5-6 ℃ light rain Wenzhou 7-8 ℃ light to moderate rain to light rain Huzhou 3-4 ℃ light rain Jiaxing 2-4 ℃ light rain to light rain Shaoxing 4-6 ℃ light to moderate rain to light rain Jinhua 3-4 ℃ light to moderate rain to light rain Zhoushan 4 -8℃ light to moderate rain to light rain taizhou 6-7 ℃ light to moderate rain to light rain Lishui 3-6 ℃ light to moderate rain to light rain