New Year’s greeting | we together in the spring

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The sun and the moon, when sheng new age.At the dawn of the New Year, the time sequence alternates with its own rhythm. Everything grows wantonly and the world moves forward in a riot of colors.2021 has too many memories to forget.Maybe this year is even worse than 2020. People are saying, “These two years are very difficult.”Every entrepreneur is experiencing difficulties that were never experienced before.The global epidemic is spreading, the economic recession is declining, some enterprises are emerging, and some big crocodiles are disappearing.However, we are still glad to see that in this harsh winter, numerous entrepreneurs and strivers have been working hard and strongly with their strong feelings, which is enough to draw our respect.Responsibility makes the era.The vitality of the market comes from people, especially from entrepreneurs, from entrepreneurship.Those outstanding entrepreneurs who work tirelessly, are willing to contribute, and have the courage to take responsibility for their own survival and development, have perfectly interpreted the entrepreneurial spirit with their actions.This spirit, in the course of magnificent social development, has become an important part of the spiritual pedigree of Chinese Communists.Looking back in the arduous journey, every one of the persistence is moving.We always believe that persistence is a valuable quality.Most of the time, success may be one more minute of perseverance.The door of success is often ajar, as long as the courage to push, suddenly opened.When someone should insist, but let go.In every breaking moment, in the gathering of resilience, in every turning point, in the power of inspiration, in every difficult moment, believe in the value of faith.No matter how long the night, the arrival of the day.Law of spring gradually, everything can be.The winter of falling snow, such as cover, silently gave life a severe test, screening and elimination, only the strong people who are not afraid of hardships and dangers, accumulate the heat of melting ice and snow, looking forward to life dancing again.The beauty of this new era is that there is nothing to look forward to, nothing to look forward to.Life is a mixture of hardship and frustration.As long as the ideal is immortal, as long as the strength, no difficulty is insurmountable.When winter leaves, the snow melts and the grass is green, and the warmth will continue in spring.34 years, with the enterprise never abandon the company, the remotest corners of the globe to follow.We are always in the courage to explore, innovative vitality, consistent to find the coordinate of progress, solid and steady steps.Time is always circulation, the mission has not changed.To tell the story of the enterprise, the entrepreneurship, the topic of concern of the enterprise and the entrepreneur, call for empathy among people.Let the voice of enterprises be heard, let outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs be seen, let those ordinary moving and upward goodness be released, let the people in need of help be helped.Touch the economy of The Times.It records the current, warm and touching, distant or nearby news events in China’s economy, gives a unique and personalized voice to the thoughts and expectations of entrepreneurs, provides a profound and sharp insight and analysis of the living conditions of enterprises, and provides mild and magnetic thoughts and suggestions for the optimization of the business environment.The core business of media has been integrated into the market, and the service function of the whole industry chain has been greatly improved.The construction of comprehensive industrialization service system and platform is improving day by day. In the economic activities such as government investment attraction, industrial park construction and enterprise project landing, the group has formed scale effect and advantages, brand influence and core competitiveness are increasing day by day, and the role of “bridge and link” is more prominent.We are on the greatest journey of our time, in a direction never seen before.Time is long, youth is perishable, only the beginner will not die.Winter is coming to an end and spring is coming.Spring seems to have a voice in the call, that is: struggle!Time never fails to live up to the struggle of you and me, diligently strive for the ideal, quietly top amazing people, is worthy of a better world and you match.Not all farewells leave no regrets, but every new beginning should be opened with a blessing.To the national enterprise strivers, dream – seekers salute.Best wishes for the New Year!