What can digital twins be used for?How do you create it?

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(China computer world publishing service company produces) on an article “one article to understand what is digital twin” introduced what is digital twin, so what practical case does digital twin technology have?Check out today’s dry share!How are number twinning created?Andrew Clark, founding CTO of Monitaur, shares insights on the digital twin modeling and development process.”To create digital twins, a representative environment of an object or ecosystem must be built, which requires a deep understanding of the underlying behavior and mechanisms of the systems involved,” he said.After input signals are incorporated into digital twinings and models are created through system identification, future behavior of the system can be accurately inferred or predicted.”In manufacturing, digital twinning can simulate the entire manufacturing process, including connectivity to manufacturing execution systems for input of real-time data.For example, a building information model built by digital twins contains object-level details of all building components, such as doors, Windows, or materials.Digital twins cannot be one-off models; they must reflect changes in real-world systems.Clark added, “Creating accurate digital twins is a very complex task that requires deep domain expertise, otherwise you end up with unrepresentative and inaccurate models.To bridge this gap, digital twins are often configured as online learning systems, which means they constantly upgrade and update their input data.”If you are considering building a digital twin, Brent Pookhay, executive vice president and CIO of Nutrien, recommends working directly with operations personnel who have deep expertise in how the system works.”Creating digital twins requires both talent and technology,” he says.Who are the subject matter experts (operations, engineers, field staff) running these assets?Their deep understanding, experience and practical knowledge of operating these assets is just as important as the data sources from OT and SCADA systems.”What are the use cases for digital twinning?Banerjee shares several examples of digital twins.”Digital twinning is used at all stages, including design, manufacturing and operations, as well as across industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, construction, infrastructure and energy.They often impact a variety of business goals, including overall equipment efficiency, predictive maintenance, production, and budget.”Here are a few examples of digital twin projects.Las Vegas is creating digital twins to help it achieve zero carbon emissions.A public-private partnership is developing digital twins for the Brooklyn Navy Yard to reduce its energy footprint.In urban planning, a Professor at Texas A&M University is developing digital twin models of Texas coastal communities to study their resilience to natural disasters.In manufacturing, digital twins are used in product design, supply chain management, predictive maintenance, and customer experience analysis.CenterLine, an industrial automation process and technology company in Canada, has used the digital twin of the factory floor to reduce tool problems by up to 90 percent and reduce programming time on the factory floor by 75 percent.Digital twinning is set to transform the healthcare industry as scientists develop virtual organs, improve the experience of caregivers, and categorize drug risks.Practical digital twin use cases for multiple industries, including computing product performance, simulating complex manufacturing scenarios, and facilitating blended teaching.Rolls Royce, Mars, TIAA and Bayer Cropscience have also made successful use of digital twinning.We expect to see more examples of digital twinning as companies consider developing and supporting more complex products, processes, and other physical environments.How can developers and Devops engineers achieve digital twinning?Digital twin platforms such as Ansys, Autodesk, Bosch, Dassault Systems, Siemens, and others provide modeling and simulation capabilities.In addition, the public cloud is extending its iot platform with digital twinning, such as Azure digital twinning and Google’s supply chain twinning.AWS digital twin architectures may include Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, Amazon SageMaker, AWS Lambda, and other services.IT teams must consider the infrastructure needed to operate digital twins.”The need for fast delivery products continues to grow;However, hardware and firmware delivery cycles can slow companies down.”Developers must also consider the possibility that the Internet of Things and other real-time data streams could provide data for multiple systems, including digital twins.This means that data flow technology needs to be configured to share real-time data between production systems and digital twin development and test environments.Digital twin is an exciting emerging technology that showcases the convergence of many different technologies, including machine learning, the Internet of things, data streaming and augmented reality.It will usher in a new era of innovation, safety and efficiency in many industries.