Wonder is a hit!With three things to look forward to, it may be ahead of the Spring Festival season

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As the countdown to the lunar New Year begins, films released at this crucial time are stepping up their publicity efforts.Among them, the most promising “Miracle” not reflected first fire!The official release of the leading role of Yi Yangqianxi character trailer, further arouses the audience’s desire to watch the film.According to real-time data from Beacon Professional, the film’s pre-sale total box office has surpassed 100 million yuan.Combined with the comments of friends who have watched the point screening, anyway, the Spring Festival season it alignment ticket prices.The film is not only rave reviews, it is also suitable for children to watch, there are three aspects, but also help it become one of the leading Spring Festival blockbuster.01, commercial film without losing warmth elements on the surface of the Miracle is a very traditional commercial film, however, but those who have seen the trailer will find that there are many warm human elements.Faced with Wang chuanjun’s taunts, Jing Hao, played by Yi Yangqianxi, turns around and leaves.Visible, although Jing Hao looks like a practical stupid child, but can not tolerate others look down on their own.The Jing Hao with extremely strong self-esteem is ordinary and insignificant, his growing process is also full of sadness and suffering, to help the sick sister, his small body assumes the responsibility of a family.In order to achieve the goal, with action to practice the ideal and faith.It has traditional business elements, warm human touch and even a lot of comedy.There are not many successful cases of this method in Domestic films, because it is difficult to ignore its risk, which leads to the loss of core expression of the final work, thus presenting a bad film without a head and tail.Different is, “Miracle” in the multi-type elements to make debugging, the film to jing Ho set up the “miracle team” to the end of the success of the rescue sister suspense, presented a spirit of struggle.Ask, what crowd of people is the most likely to appear warm?Of course, just ordinary people in real life.The trailers, released by the government, give viewers a realistic sense of what it’s like to be an old man in a wheelchair and a worker in a variety of skills, who are the partners of the Miracle Squad and still love life despite the worst of it.The film releases the belief that “anything is possible”, which is the biggest attraction for the audience to watch.Although “Miracle” hasn’t been released yet, it does open up new ways of thinking about commercial films.With Jackson Yi as its biggest selling point, Miracle is full of gimmicks.”The new generation idol force” is more suitable to describe Yi Yangqixi, from the young You to the Miracle, also released on the first day of the New Year in watergate Bridge, he is the rising star of the entertainment industry, it can be said that the teenager in the performance of the growth of the road almost a miracle.Yi yangqianxi’s previous works have a great guarantee, “Miracle” is just his proof of progress in acting work.Of course, in addition to him, there are old drama bone Gong Jinguo, The Mesozoic Gonglei, Tian Yu, Wang Chuanjun joined, the film lineup is strong, let people have a kind of feeling that if you don’t go, you will lose.The film is directed by Wen Muye. Coincidentally, this is wang chuanjun’s second collaboration with the director.It’s hard not to wonder what kind of chemistry these different types of actors will have together.In particular, wen Muye will bring us what kind of surprise?His status has been established since his film Dying to Survive became a domestic sensation.Dying to Survive is a film with a delicate style that draws viewers’ attention to ordinary people who can’t afford to take medicine. This time, Miracle continues that style and innovates it.Obviously, the director is suitable for shooting the little people. From his early short work “Stone”, he has shown his concern for some neglected groups such as migrant workers and ethnic minorities.Whether to break the rigid influence of realistic films?In the past, the Spring Festival season was crowded with comedies and few realistic works returned. However, “Miracle” has broken this phenomenon and announced that it will be released in this Spring Festival season. It will be interesting to see whether it can make a breakthrough.In addition, the novel coronavirus has not been eliminated, and people are still in the era of the epidemic. If we cannot see some good realistic works to absorb energy and faith in them, we cannot highlight the warm and heroic image of disaster relief news in the real world.The audience in the current film market are all young people, who are more likely to resonate with this era through film entertainment.If “Miracle” can break through this Spring Festival and become a realist classic, it will certainly lead the pack and do wonders for the box office.Director Wen Muye is always good at the narrative technique of group portraits, so the quality of the film can be assured, and Yi Yangqianxi is not to mention, passers-by can see that he is more and more clever and vivid, not only the appearance of a teenager, but also mature spirit, it can be said that he is grown up by the audience.Why not question Jackson Yi’s play-picking eye by referring to his previous works?For me, Miracle has been listed as one of the must-see films for Spring Festival.What about you, which movie are you going to see on New Year’s Day?