2 in a row!Japan Nagasaki beauty pomelo double line beat the world champion, defeated Zhu Yuling Sun Yingsha and others

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Beijing time on February 13, the Japanese T league is underway.Now it’s Japan Kanagawa club versus Japan Life Club.Kanagawa side, has the world champion Ishikawa Kajun, Zhang Ben Miwa, Miyou Kihara and others.The Japanese life club has Mori Sakura shou, Nagasaki beauty grapefruit and other people, the two sides can be described as evenly matched.The first set, Ishikawa kajun partner Zhang Benmei and against Mori Sakurabshou and Nagasaki Meigrapefruit.The first game, the two sides 2:2 start, the middle stage, Nagasaki beauty pomo and Mori Sakurabshou continue to open the score gap, 9:5 ahead.Ishikawa kajun and Zhang Benmei and catch up to 9:10, after mori Sakura Shou Nagasaki Meigrapefruit rally, 11:9 to win the first game.Second set, Mori Sakura guard Nagasaki Mio 3:1 opening, Ishikawa Kajun zhang Benmei and request a timeout.After a timeout, Ishikawa kajuni and Zhang Benmei 5-4 in the lead.The 9-7 ishikawa combination took the lead, and finally, 11-7 Ishikawa came back.In the third set, Moricura Mamoru Nagasaki sealed the game with an 11-9 win, beating Ishikawa Kasumi And Mikazu Zhang 2-1.The third set, Ishikawa Masumi again, against Nagasaki Mio.Ishikawa started the first game 5-3, and finally took game point 10-8, winning the first game 11-8.Second set, Ishikawa Kajuni still lead the opening, 4-2.Mid – game stage, Nagasaki beauty grapefruit 7-5 over the score.The scores rose in turn, and were tied at 10 to 10. Nagasaki Miyuo seized the opportunity and came back at 11 to 10.In the third game, Miyuzu Nagasaki began 3-1.In the middle stage, Ishikawa Kaishun to 5-5 level.Ishikawa, an experienced player, scored in a row, taking the game point 10-6 and winning the game 11-6.In the fourth game, after the two sides were tied 2-2, Miyuo Nagasaki directly blew out a scoring small climax, played 9:0, eventually Miyuo Nagasaki 11:2 back to the game, the two sides tied 2-2.In the fifth game, the two teams were tied 5-5 in accordance with Japanese league rules.Mio Nagasaki leads 8-7, yoshijun Ishikawa calls time out.After a timeout, Miyuo Nagasaki had match point at 10:9 and finally sealed the win at 11:9.In this way, Mio Nagasaki in women’s singles, women’s doubles, both defeated the world champion Ishikawa Masumi, Ishikawa Masumi suffered a complete defeat in singles and doubles, two consecutive mio Nagasaki.Mio Nagasaki is the Women’s singles champion of Japan World Junior Championships. She is not only outstanding in singles, but also ranked no. 1 in doubles.In the final of the table Tennis League, Mio Nagasaki had partnered miyou Kihara to defeat the Chinese table tennis player Sun Yingsha Wang Manyu.Moreover, Nagasaki beauty pomelo ever in the open, two consecutive wins the country table tennis world champion Zhu Yuling, the potential is infinite.