After Ultraman Galaxy Fight 3, there was a big change in power ranking, with Noah at the third place

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In fact, you can also see that Ultraman’s power ranking is constantly changing, and after the third season of Ultraman Galaxy Fight, this change will be more obvious, and Noah Ultraman’s power ranking is no more than third.Of course, there are a lot of audiences who like Noah Altman. Many people even think he is the strongest hero in the universe, but things are not as simple as we think.There’s no denying that Noah Altman is strong, but to think of him as the greatest in the universe would be a mistake.For the rest, let’s just say, there’s regardo Altman, who represents the universal will, and who’s to say he’s not as powerful as Noah?There’s a lot of controversy right now, to be honest, and with the new show, Noah Altman’s status has dropped even further, and he’s barely in third place.In fact, there is a monster in the universe, that is quite magical, if it is really to fight, estimate Noah Altman to lose.Of course, it’s not about how strong the monster is, it’s about how much more powerful it can be and how much more powerful it can be.And what’s even more incredible is that the monster can’t be destroyed, because Ttoya set him up as a full life form, and there’s only one such life form in the universe.At this point you should be able to think of?He’s leaf Rot.Let alone ordinary Ultraman, what if mystic Four met him?There is no easy way to defeat this monster.So now a lot of people think that leaf Rot should be ahead of Noah Altman when it comes to strength.Of course, there is a stronger character besides the two of them, and this character is very special, he does appear in the play.But to say what he really looks like, I’m afraid no one knows, because Tsuburaya let him hide, just do not want us audience to see what he really looks like, and even do not plan to arrange him to appear in the future, because this character is really too strong.Do you remember what Jastys Altman said at the beginning of ultraman Galaxy Fight Season 2?He said he had been sent by Drassion to join the Ultraman against the Absolutes, and he was the mystery man in question.The reason why he is stronger than Noah Altman altman is entirely because of a name, that is the so-called creator of the universe, alone with such a name is enough to make other people dust?And this character can predict the future.To put it bluntly, this is a bug, no matter he is a righteous hero or a villain, he is not suitable to appear in the show.Anyway, if Tagatani keeps playing like this, maybe there will be more powerful characters in the future.For example, in the third season of Ultraman Galaxy Fight, ray Gross’s strength may become stronger, because he wants to surpass the Oscar, do you think he can catch up to the mysterious Four Olympians?