After the recruitment of migrant workers came!Monthly salary can be over ten thousand, hard work good to

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February 7 is the seventh day of the first lunar month, the first working day after the End of the Spring Festival holiday.The flexible labor market is at its peak right now and will last until the end of January.Many applicants, carrying their luggage, rushed to the spot as soon as they got off the train.Catering services and drivers are the most popular on the fair, and many positions can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month as long as they work hard and do more.Carrying luggage to market to apply for “this year recruit many enterprises, but applicants are not much.”The spot an intermediary company staff member tells a reporter, in so big market, job seeker is a little rare.”Just starting work, fewer people is understandable.””The worker said.Many of the job seekers were carrying luggage.Liu Zhaolan, 60, from Tai ‘an, came with her brother to find a job.Liu Zhaolan, carrying her luggage, looked at the fair in many ways and asked if there was a suitable booth.”No hurry. Let’s see.”Liu Zhaolan told reporters that she and her brother from Tai ‘an by car to Qingdao, off the train directly rushed over.Before that, Liu Zhaolan has been working in the green for many years, she does not have what technology, the goal is clear, is to find a homemaking job.”Saw a few companies, the treatment is still slightly worse.”Liu Zhaolan wandered around the fair and found that the salary offered by the company was only more than 4,000 yuan, while her expected treatment was about 5,000 yuan.That day, she did not rush to sign the contract, want to wait and see.Also carrying luggage to apply for jobs, and from Liaocheng Mr. Liu.He told reporters that he did not have the skills to hand, can only choose the site general work or security work.After looking at the market, the positions of general workers are relatively few, so he decided to engage in security work, and several interested companies have also talked, waiting for the follow-up procedures.”The most popular positions this year are drivers, especially b-license drivers, forklifts, trucks, special vehicles, etc., which are in short supply.”In addition, with the opening of restaurants after the New Year, the demand of the service industry, especially the catering industry, is also gradually climbing, waiters, cooks and so on are very popular.The recruitment salary on the market is rarely less than 4000 yuan, and the high one breaks through ten thousand yuan, and even reaches nearly twenty thousand yuan.However, the labor intensity of earning more money is generally larger.Such as water supply, many employers offered a monthly salary of 8000 ~ 10000 yuan;The wages of moving company workers also gave about 8000 yuan……These jobs are basically piecework commission, if more hard work, a monthly salary of more than ten thousand yuan can be achieved, but the work is really very tired.On the spot, the supply and demand of domestic service industry is very hot, the public for live-in nannies, elderly care, baby care division, sister-in-law and other demand is large, but the applicants are mainly women in their 40s and 50s, younger women rarely appear on the big set.