Do big companies spoil young people with high wages?Netizen: Only 28% of overseas students choose to return to China

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News of high-paying employment in China has been widely reported in the recruitment circle. It can be seen from the comments in the comment section that the so-called high salary is not high for young people, but just enough to live in big cities.Why do you say that?Let’s use pre-pandemic data, which is a good way to get rid of the economic impact of the pandemic and give a good picture of whether wages are high or low in the news.First, let’s take a look at this 2019 report.With the development of The Times, more and more people go abroad.China is now the world’s third largest source of immigrants, with more than 10 million annually, behind Only India.English is the mother tongue of India. Indian immigrants have certain language advantages in European and American countries, and they are able to handle daily life and work with ease.As a result, many European and American group companies have a large number of Indians in some important positions.Our country does not speak English as a mother tongue, feeling in the language does not have the advantage, why there are so many people choose to emigrate?In fact, many young people choose to emigrate abroad is forced by life, the high housing price in China, the salary beyond their means, so that they have to leave their hometown, seek a job in other places to make a living.Young people abroad will have an adaptation period, including diet, living habits and interpersonal relationships and so on.To find out, take a look at the salary rankings for 2019 graduates.The average monthly salary of Tsinghua university and Peking University is 9,065 yuan and 9,042 yuan, respectively. Students from the two top universities earn less than 10,000 yuan a month while those from ordinary universities earn around 5,000 yuan a month.Compared with Japan, their average starting salary for college students is 11,000 yuan, much higher than the monthly salary of graduates from Tsinghua and Peking Universities.Take a look at the starting salary of graduates from European and American countries, for example, the average monthly income of computer majors can reach more than 40,000 RMB.For graduates from top universities, the starting salary is much higher than 40,000 yuan.Such a big gap, every overseas university students or young people will rush to life, step out of the country.After adjusting to life abroad, young people can better work or study abroad.But every Chinese New Year who does not miss their relatives in China, who does not miss the birth of that piece of land.Young people want to return to Korea, but they have to give up after considering their current work and life and the job market in Korea.The rapid development of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in recent years has made our cost of living comparable to that of developed countries.Many multinational companies have landed in these cities, driving the development of cities, while prices and housing prices are rising.However, the salary of graduates still lags behind, so it is not difficult to understand why young people finally choose to go abroad.Returning to China for high-paying jobs is the driving force for many young people to return to China. From 2015 to 2019, the number of returnees increased relatively, but only accounted for one third of the total number of people who went abroad.This means that two-thirds of young people who go abroad choose to stay abroad to work or continue their studies, instead of returning to China to make a contribution to their country.It is not that they have forgotten the education of their motherland, but the cruelty of real life.Some of the work after returning to China is no longer just about data, and some involves interpersonal relations.The worldly wisdom after returning to China is more complicated than that abroad, and some etiquette is often educated.The cost of living goes up when you return home, and some are even more expensive because of taxes.These are also the reasons why young people are afraid to return to China.Finally, some graduates with a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a PhD can see increases of more than 50 percent after two years of employment.Some outstanding students have seen their annual income increase significantly after making good progress in certain programs.But no matter how high their income is, it doesn’t stand up to the hype of some media.Media people sometimes fail to see the difference in work industry and the effort that young people put into their work. They only see a few zeros behind their annual income and report the high salary of young people everywhere.I don’t know, these young people are still feeling the high housing prices and high living materials in big cities, and feeling their quiet efforts day and night.The so-called high salary is just their day by day diligent efforts to return.Stop sending young people back to China on the pretext of high salaries that are out of proportion to urban living capital.If it is really high salary, do young people who go abroad like to do charity work abroad?It is also worrisome that the birth rate of high-quality people will not be able to retain highly educated people and real salaries will not be provided.Don’t make young people back home under the banner of high salary. Nowadays, the competition between the world’s big countries is a competition for talents. Many developed countries have low birth rate and are absorbing talents to fill the problem of low birth rate and strengthen their nation.