Fang Yuan Group and Xi Wei Development Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

2022-05-25 0 By

Feb.25th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Fangyuan Group and Xiwei Development Group was held in fangyuan Group headquarters.Du Hong, chairman of Fangyuan Group, Wang Hui, executive Director and General manager of Xiwei Development Group and other leaders attended the signing ceremony and made speeches.According to the strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will establish a long-term, stable and friendly strategic cooperative relationship according to the basic principles of long-term cooperation, common development and mutual benefit and combining their respective advantages.In the next step, both parties plan to jointly invest to establish a cooperative project company and a financial service company, aiming to provide high-quality services for infrastructure construction and operation and enterprises in the park, create a good financial ecological environment for the park, and promote the steady and rapid economic development of the park.With the vision of being a leading comprehensive financial service institution and the mission of constantly improving the happiness index of employees and investors, Fangyuan Group has five main businesses: asset management, wealth management, credit business, asset operation and real estate investment management.Fangyuan Group undertakes corporate social responsibility, actively promotes regional economic development and industrial upgrading through business innovation, gives full play to its own advantages, practices the development concept of “green finance”, and provides financial support for the vigorous development of real economy.Located in the east of Xi ‘an metropolitan area, weinan Huazhou District is the east gateway connecting Xi ‘an metropolitan area with Henan and Shanxi.Weihe River dike in the north, Daming Yuan in the south, Chishui River in the west and Shidi River in the east, covering an area of 82 square kilometers.As a bridgehead for xi ‘an metropolitan area to integrate into shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and Yellow River Golden Triangle area, The eastern part of Xi ‘an will become a new engine for the integrated development of Xi ‘an and Wei By relying on qujiang’s experience in urban construction and management and operation and centering on industrial planning of industry 4.0 advanced manufacturing, intelligent warehousing and logistics, modern circular agriculture and modern service industry.West nutrient-laden development group is a common building nutrient-laden east west, xi ‘an and weinan launch important engine of the construction of the “enclave economy”, the main business includes education culture industry investment, urban construction operation management, capital operation and assets operation management, commerce, agriculture, high-tech, service industry and other related areas of investment in the development and operation management, operation management of scenic spots,Commissioned by the government shantytown reconstruction, urban village reconstruction, land consolidation and comprehensive development.It is of great strategic significance for Shaanxi to realize the prosperity and development of “East Gate” and promote the high-quality development of “catch-up and transcendence”.After the meeting, Du Hong, chairman of Fangyuan Group, and Wang Hui, secretary of the Party Committee of Xiwei East District, director of management Committee, executive Director and General Manager of Xiwei Development Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both sides.From the overall planning of a domain, with a domain to serve the overall situation, the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, marking the West Wei East district and Fangyuan Group along the west Wei integrated development path has taken a solid step.Both sides expressed the hope that through joint efforts, we will focus on the implementation of the agreement, tap the potential of cooperation, actively promote the coordinated development of government and enterprise, create a dynamic and strong growth pole, and promote the realization of strategic cooperation goals.Other leaders invited to attend the signing ceremony were Mr. Huang Kai, president of Xi ‘an Qujiang Sub-branch of Industrial Bank, Ms. Sun Yu, Business Director, and Mr. Wang Siyuan, General manager of Xi ‘an Topu Hongyuan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., LTD.The participants expressed that in the development process of West Weihe East District, all parties will cooperate sincerely and open another magnificent chapter of “bank-enterprise cooperation” and “government-enterprise cooperation” in the development of Shaanxi New District.