Fujian Yong ‘an: “conditional non-prosecution + concentration of admonishment” to help juvenile delinquency

2022-05-25 0 By

Justice network Sanming February 10 (correspondent Xu Xufei) “The court has decided to you 5 people make conditional decision not to prosecute, and set up a six-month investigation period, at the same time to you for education, admonishment.I hope you can learn from this incident, turn over a new leaf, study hard and become law-abiding citizens in the future.”The People’s Procuratorate of Yongan city, Fujian Province, recently announced and admonished five minors who made a conditional decision not to prosecute.The court invited defense lawyers, representatives of the school where the juvenile was involved and their legal representatives to attend the sermon.It is understood that Lin mou and other 5 people for suspected robbery was transferred to the procuratorial organ review prosecution, undertake prosecutor found in the review of the case,5 involved in the crime of minors are less than 18 years of age when the crime, is a minor, and the crime is minor, voluntary confession after the crime, was robbed of the vehicle has been returned to the victim.In order to further implement the juvenile criminal justice principle of “education first, punishment second” and achieve better educational results, the hospital decided to carry out centralized announcement and admonishment education.After comprehensive consideration of their attitude of confession and family supervision conditions, the court made a conditional decision not to prosecute the 5 minors according to law.At the disciplinary education meeting, the procurator in charge analyzed the illegality and social harm of the minor involved in the crime, popularized relevant laws and regulations, and strengthened their understanding of laws and regulations.At the same time to the 5 minors involved in the crime request, and hope that they truly repent, no longer touch the bottom line of the law.The parents at the meeting said that they would actively cooperate with the judicial organs, assume the responsibility of good education and guidance, help their children correct their mistakes, and establish a correct outlook on life and values.Next, the hospital will supervise and guide the whole process of helping and teaching during the inspection period of conditional non-prosecution, grasp the implementation situation, dynamically evaluate the effect of helping and teaching, timely adjust the ways and measures of helping and teaching according to the ideological dynamics of the people being helped and taught, and help the minors involved in crimes to smoothly return to society.