Heze held the second press conference on epidemic prevention and control

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On March 31, the Information Office of Heze Municipal Government held the second press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control, and briefed the information on COVID-19 prevention and control in Heze.It is reported that in order to quickly find out the transmission chain of the epidemic, Heze organized 26 56 people flow adjustment teams with provincial, municipal and district level experts as the backbone, rushed to the scene in the first time to carry out key personnel investigation, environmental sampling, detection and elimination of disposal work.As of 16:00 on March 31, the investigation has been conducted on 64 close contacts in Dingtao, 234 secondary close contacts, 4 close contacts in Caoxian and 51 secondary close contacts, all of which have been transferred point-to-point to centralized isolation points. 27 close contacts in other places have been sent to assist letters.According to the situation of epidemic development, after expert consultation and judgment, Heze city demarcated 6 closed control areas, including dingtao district 5, Cao County 1;4 control areas, including dingtao district 3, Cao County 1.In order to quickly block the spread of the epidemic, nucleic acid tests were carried out for all members of Dingtao district and Pulian Town of Cao County.To open up a green channel for emergency medical treatment for people in the containment and control areas;Formulating containment control plans for Pulian Town in Dingtao District and Cao County to effectively reduce personnel turnover;All entertainment venues have been suspended, public places of all kinds have taken corresponding control measures, and special places such as nursing homes and welfare homes have strictly implemented closed management.For the sealed control area and control area, Heze arranged party members and cadres to take the lead, organized volunteers and community workers to guarantee residents’ services, and carried out key monitoring of the supply of daily necessities in supermarkets and farmers’ markets of the city.At present, the city’s food, oil, meat, vegetables and other daily necessities, as well as masks, protective clothing, disinfection items and other protective materials have sufficient reserves, stable prices, orderly operation, to meet the daily needs of citizens.(Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhao Niandong report) Responsible editor: Wang Jianguo signed review: Liu Zhijie shangguan author: Dazhong Daily