Over!Another zero!Zhou Qi has only been here for 12 minutes!You can’t beat a former NBA center right now

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It’s time for the classic meme again!Why do you say again?Don’t say double 叒 yi.Every TIME the NBL China Derby starts with all the hype to attract Chinese fans to the game.Then hang sheep’s head to sell meat, like a small card clearly printed with Dili reba’s photo, go to an appointment but come is sister Feng, young period of a dian friend is so cheated, fortunately until now still maintain pure feelings.The first China Derby is ok, you can see zhou Qi and Liu in the same frame for many times;Zhou Qi was absent in the second battle, so it didn’t count;War three is so crazy. Crazy his mom opened the door for crazy.By stopwatch calculations, zhou qi and Liu were present at the same time for less than a minute, probably less than half a minute.So what are we looking at?Isn’t there time to take a beauty nap?Maybe you’ll wake up and find yourself as handsome as Wu Yandian.There was nothing to say about the game, though it was a tight one, a four-quarter game that went down to the wire as the Phoenix edged out the Bullets, 98-94.Liu only went on the field 2 minutes 49 seconds, the data column in addition to 1 error, the rest are all zero;Zhou also didn’t have much of a chance, playing just 12 minutes, making two of four field goals and three of four free throws for seven points, two rebounds and one shot.Synthetic-aperture, offensive boards open tough opponent layup with positive duel between China giant, housekeeper position line ball, flexible turned to hook hit the key block, let opponents have no back didn’t, I didn’t, two Chinese players add up to the camera and haven’t the audience may appear more time in the big screen.It seems that the previous boss’s words and the return of the manager, only one or two games of the effect, after all as wind and water.Zhou qi, the highest-paid player in the NBL league, still enjoys the status of the main center, but only a regular rotation player.Maybe because Zhou qi’s physical condition is still not back to the best, the food poisoning caused a long absence for a long time, and lost a lot of weight, so the coaching staff have to spare him.Another possibility is that Zhou qi’s backup center, Mike ASHLEY, has been so good recently that the coaching staff has more faith in him. For example, he played nearly 18 minutes and scored 13 points and 6 rebounds (3 frontcourt rebounds), with a vigorous attitude and a great impact on the opposing defense.As we all know, NBL is special pay attention to fast attack and defense of the league, a large number of shots focused on counterattack and three-point line, not to mention such a traditional center liu, even like Zhou Qi more typical modern center, sometimes may not follow the rhythm.ASHLEY is not a true center, but is more like a power forward, which means he’s faster and more agile than Zhou qi, can move to the perimeter to defend smaller guards, and is better able to participate in the team’s fast break counterattack.He’s also a two-time NBA player with the Dallas Mavericks!Does that mean ASHLEY is better than Zhou qi?No, let’s just say he works better as a center in a small lineup, but against a big team, zhou qi can handle that.Last world War I Melbourne united, and the NBL no. 1 center Achuer matchup, ASHLEY is not eaten alive, only Zhou Qi can contend with him, can greatly weaken its independent attack in the interior line.Adjust the corresponding lineup according to the opponent’s different configuration, which shows that the coach’s strain ability is good, will not say that tactics remain unchanged.ASHLEY’s rise, also give Zhou Qi a little sense of crisis, as long as in the competitive environment, will have to think about to change, adapt to the more sinister law of the jungle!