Why does the city village electric appliance safety hidden danger big?Use electric water heater notice!

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Why does the city village electric appliance safety hidden danger big?Use electric water heater notice!The main reasons are: 1. The electrical facilities in the village are not perfect, some buildings do not install leakage prevention devices;Line laying is not standard, line aging and leakage equipment is not replaced in time;2. The use of high-power electrical appliances is relatively concentrated, resulting in a long time in the overload operation of the line, coupled with the aging of the line, prone to short circuit, resulting in electric shock;3. Lack of common sense and preventive measures for safe use of electricity, unauthorized wiring, illegal installation and use of second-hand electrical appliances with quality problems (such as electric water heater), etc.Many families living in urban villages may have electric water heaters in their bathrooms.Electric water heater over age, no regular maintenance, leakage protection switch does not meet the requirements……Use electric water heater notice!If these problems exist, electric water heater is more likely to produce electric shock accident and endanger life.So, the following points must be noticed when using electric water heater: the safe item of electric water heater ● do not buy inferior product the electric water heater with super low price on the market or it is secondhand electric water heater.This kind of inferior product generally has no leakage safety device or device easily fails.To be safe, don’t be cheap.● Monthly self-check leakage protection switch leakage protection switch has a T button, next to the button will write a monthly press or monthly test once, this button is the legendary “life key” — simulated leakage button.When the button is pressed, the line will automatically simulate the line leakage, tripping reaction, indicating that the leakage protection function is normal, just press the switch again.If the circuit breaker does not trip after you press the button, it indicates that the leakage protection is invalid and needs to be replaced in time.After filling the electric water heater with water, heat the hot water to the set temperature first, and then turn off the power supply before taking a bath.Otherwise, heating while washing also increases the risk of electric shock.Tap water contains calcium and magnesium ions, which can attach and corrode the tank and heating pipe of electric water heater after continuous use.Once the liner corrodes or the heating pipe corrodes and perforates, there is also a risk of electricity leakage, so the magnesium rod of the electric water heater needs to be replaced regularly.● Do not use the electric water heater that exceeds fixed number of year the use fixed number of year that electric water heater exceeds fixed number of year is 6-8 years commonly, if exceed fixed number of year still is continuing to use, can exist safety hidden trouble, need is changed in time.To prevent electric water heater electric accident, need everyone to achieve safety.Safety is no small matter, use electricity to be careful!