“2.9 Redisk” 1F left the operation section, pay attention to 3434 points tomorrow

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Index continues to rebound, 1F left the section of operation, tomorrow pay attention to 3434 points, as long as 3434 points are not broken is still 1F level 3 to buy, the current market is not too big risk, need not worry, according to the rhythm of the stock operation on the line!On February 9th, the big and small indexes collectively rebounded. The Shanghai Stock Index maintained a strong trend of volatility throughout the day, while the Shenzhen Component Index and the Growth Enterprise Market both rose by more than 1% in the afternoon.Stocks: stocks showed a general trend, the two cities more than 3500 shares floating red, deal volume, up to 931.8 billion yuan.The market: The Shanghai composite index rose 0.79%, the Shenzhen Component index rose 1.55%, and the Chinext index rose 1.3%.The concept of digital currency raised the daily limit tide, tianyu Information, Creative Technology, Xiongdi Technology, Cuiwei Shares and other nearly 30 shares rose by the daily limit or more than 10%.Civil explosion plate strong pull up, leading Poly joint out of 6 even plate, Jin Aobo, Huhua shares, nanling civil explosion and other shares sealing plate.5G, communications sector strength, China Mobile trillion yuan market cap rose by the daily limit, the stock hit a new high since listing.Opinion: before the stock resistance performance strengthening, are the index bottom and stop the decline of the precursor, the index rebounded as scheduled, but should pay attention to the risk, the number of red plate has been more than 3000 consecutive days, so in the short term is expected to shock bottom pattern for a period of time.Direction: Actively follow the mainstream direction of the market, digital currency, infrastructure and other sectors, avoid poor performance stocks, grasp the layout opportunity of securities, infrastructure, big consumption and other sectors.It is worth noting that the market heat is too high, should wait for a wave of correction after the gradual entry.Investment adviser: Guo Lei (A0790621050003) Zhao Yongchao (A0790621030001) ■ special statement: article views for reference only, can not be used as any investment basis, we remember, the stock market has a risk, the market needs to be cautious!(we do not regard it as the customer because of watch to this article, on the basis of is still to think we collect and reliable information, open and financial model and investment model, based on the mature does not guarantee that the integrity and accuracy of all information, not as an investment business guidance and advice, not liable therefore cause of any law).