Anti-fraud guide: Finger twitching, wallet bulging?Don’t be fascinated by small profits

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“Stay at home, earn 1000 yuan a day” “fingers move, wallet bulging”…In the face of such a highly attractive content, will you move, uninterrupted investment capital?Be careful, you may end up with a loss of money and tears of regret.On the afternoon of August 25, 2021, Wanda Police Station of Jianghan District Public Security Bureau of Wuhan City, Hubei Province received an alarm call from a citizen Named Mr. Chen, who said that his wife was subjected to Internet fraud and was transferring money at home. He hoped that the police would stop her.After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to Mr. Chen’s home immediately.But Mr. Chen’s wife, Ms. Shan, ran back to the bedroom to lock the door immediately after seeing the police, and continued to operate in the room, ready to transfer money.”Open the door, don’t continue to transfer money, please trust the police!Ms. Shan refused to open the door, and the police carried out propaganda outside the door, telling her that she had been cheated and dissuading the transfer operation.Ms. Shan said, “You don’t mind me!One more turn and you’ll get your money out!”Police repeatedly discouraged, but Ms. Shan still refused to open the door.At this point, mobile phone app “scan face, blink” sound from inside the door.In desperation, the police directly hit the door, seized the single lady’s mobile phone, for its recovery is ready to turn out of the 20,000 yuan.Soon, Mr. Chen ran home, saw the police stopped the transfer, Mr. Chen suspended the heart temporarily put down.Up to this point, however, Ms. Shan still thought she could cash out with just one more transfer.See single Ms. Unrepentant, police patience to repeatedly explain and preach knowledge of network fraud.Eventually, Ms. Shan realized she had been duped and followed the police to the police station to report the crime.It turned out that Mr. Chen came home the first night and Ms. Shan said she had made hundreds of yuan by helping people brush online. He didn’t care.At noon on the 25th, Mr. Chen’s sister-in-law in the company and he talked about it, he felt more wrong, he called his wife, who knew that she was transferring money at this time, Mr. Chen repeatedly persuasion fruitless, had to call the police for help.”Normally, she didn’t have much money, so I thought even if I was cheated, I wouldn’t cheat much. Unexpectedly, she borrowed online loans without telling me.Thanks for the timely arrival of the police to help us recover the last loss.”Mr. Chen said.At present, the case is under investigation.Cheat remind: 1, part-time brush single itself is a kind of illegal behavior.2, do not have “greedy for small bargains” “easily make a lot of money” psychology, do not believe the so-called high return, do not easily click on strange links.3, encounter fraud to immediately report to the police, and the other party’s QQ, wechat, phone number, chat records and other retained submitted to the police.(Source: People’s Daily Online)