Tangshan’s cultural tourism market is stable and orderly during the Spring Festival holiday

2022-05-26 0 By

On February 7, the reporter learned from the municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism that during the Spring Festival holiday, the cultural and tourism market activities in Tangshan city were rich and colorful. The order of the holiday market ran smoothly and orderly, and there were no production safety accidents and major complaints related to culture and tourism.Tangshan cultural tourism consumption season — Spring Festival “gathering” activities during the holiday period for citizens to provide a rich cultural tourism feast.The event gathered more than 50 punch points and various tourism festival activities, artistic performances, cultural exhibition and tourism enterprise preferential policies, through the “punch share” and “collection of signs” to participate in the lottery, citizens have punched in to participate.The “snow and Ice Fun Season” at Tangshan Shadow Puppetry Theme Park is full of penguins, snow mazes, ice castle slides and super snow slides.All counties, county-level cities and districts have developed innovative products and services under the theme of “Celebrating the New Year” and “welcoming the Winter Olympics” based on their actual conditions and precisely grasping the needs of the local people.Jingzhong Mountain scenic spot in Qianxi county held the “New Year climbing and praying for good luck and welcome spring” cultural festival, Fenghuang Mountain scenic spot held the “pray for good luck and welcome auspicious Year”, Zunhua city held the “mountain snow festival”, Qianan Jinling mining legend scenic spot held the “ice and snow world”, a number of cultural activities to benefit the people hot.Public cultural institutions such as libraries, cultural centers and museums at all levels should ensure their opening hours, activities and service quality on the premise of strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control requirements.We continued to organize grassroots activities such as “Culture to the Countryside” and “Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival” to achieve the goal of “safe, orderly, high-quality and civilized” holiday market.During the holidays, city and county (city, area) cultural tourism administrative departments, make full use of the bureau of portal, WeChat, trill, newspapers, LED screen media industry such as travel safety tips, epidemic dynamics and severe weather forecasting, early warning information on important public opinion and improve safety consciousness tourists, residents and industry practitioners.The city’s cultural and tourism system strictly to carry out the leading cadre shift, 24-hour duty system, open a complaint hotline, timely grasp the market dynamics, eliminate safety hidden trouble, strengthen public opinion surveillance, to safeguard cultural and tourism market order, to ensure that for the general public and tourists to build a stable and peaceful, safe, healthy tourism environment.(Reporter Lu Shan) Source: Tangshan Labor Daily pay attention to Hebei News network, understand the latest news in Hebei.