The fifth day of the New Year: Five blessings, good luck again and again

2022-05-26 0 By

Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the “breaking of the Fifth Festival”, which means breaking taboos.The Chinese New Year has many rules, such as: do not move the needle and thread, do not cook with raw rice, do not clean, etc. After the fifth day, these taboos are declared broken, so it is called “Po Wu”.On this day, every family sounds gongs, drums, ready to symbolize “surplus” carp and symbol of “auspicious” sheep head, offering to the five road god of wealth, pray for the New Year, good luck.The fifth day of the first month, five blessings, wish us in the New Year, five blessings, all the best.Good health is Mr. Emerson once said, “Health is the first wealth in life.When I read this sentence before, I always didn’t care.But in the last two years, due to the epidemic, I have become more and more touched by disease and life and death, and I have really understood this sentence.In fact, we never know which will come first, tomorrow or accident. For everyone, our body is not only our own, but also the happiness of the whole family.Health is the foundation of all of us, without health, life will be dim and dark, with health, life can be colorful.Life is only a few decades, and only when we are healthy can we provide ourselves with the capacity for continuous output.Those who live to be healthy into old age are bound to enjoy good fortune and balance work and life.A harmonious family can bring warmth and happiness to everyone. It is not only a resting place for our bodies, but also a harbor for our hearts.It is the responsibility and obligation of every family member to promote family harmony. Only when the family is full of laughter and laughter can we have the motivation to move forward.Old people should set up family tradition, do a good example;Husband and wife should support each other and strive to create a better life for their families.Children to develop good habits, care for their elders, is a place of love, but also a happy place to return to, in this small world, we need to respect each other, care for each other, mutual understanding.Only family harmony and calm communication can bring untold blessings. What is contentment?Contentment is a sugar in your hand, you will not envy others in the hand of that one, it is the heart of calm and certainty, like gently through the years, do not dye dust.”Bao Piao Zi” wrote: “content is often enough, not content is not enough.”Contented person, won’t everything dispute, more won’t intrigue, have idle to see the court flowers bloom, diffuse look at the sky yunchuanyunshu refined.You stand on the bridge to see the scenery, people watching the scenery in the bridge to see you, but we have never thought, in fact, he is a beautiful scenery, unique.Long life, contentment is a kind of wisdom, often happy is a state of mind, only know contentment, in order to better experience happiness.Pingan is fu Nan Huaijin said: “for more than 10 years, I write to people, the last blessing is to write ‘to wish peace'”.Praying for peace should be the best life vision and wish in every Chinese heart.Indeed, the real blessing of life is to be safe, simple, no worries in life, no impetuous mind.No matter how much wealth you accumulate and how high your status is in your life, you can’t get real happiness without “peace”.Those who enjoy peace are able to suffer, suffer is a blessing, thick virtue is a blessing, do a kind and kind person, will be far away from the evil, with a blessing.May every one of us still live in peace in this world after experiencing the impermanence of the world.As the saying goes, “Fate has brought us thousands of miles to meet each other.Every person who appears in your life is a kind of fate. No matter who you meet, you should treat each other sincerely.Thanksgiving family, give us meticulous care;Thanksgiving lover, give us the company of each other;Thanksgiving friends, give us weal and woe guard;Thanksgiving noble, give us selfless dedication to pay.When we learn to be grateful, the heart will suddenly be bright, life will be full of happiness, to everything can be open, to everyone can let go.In this long journey, we will meet a lot of people, will also experience a lot of things, always have a heart of gratitude, can let the good forever.When we make gratitude a habit, it will bring us blessings, let us live steady, comfortable.Today, the fifth day, incense worship, to meet the god of wealth, I hope the god of wealth can bring us good luck.New Year, new expectations, wish everyone can be full of good luck, wish every family, can be good luck again and again.