Zhuzhou Yuemo Advanced Semiconductor Co., LTD. : High-end chips in the “blue sea” Zhuzhou “dark horse”

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Zhuzhou Yuemo technicians are packaging high-performance chips.(Zhuzhou Daily, Hand-held Zhuzhou reporter/Yang Ru reporter/Li Yuan) A small chip, from design, production and packaging, from wafer to mobile phones, computers into a small object, involving more than 50 industries, through more than 1,000 processes.If the chip is compared to the brain, the final encapsulation is like the skull and blood vessels that protect the brain and provide nutrition, which is the key guarantee for the operation of “neurons”.Zhuzhou Yuemo Advanced Semiconductor Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhuzhou Yuemo), aiming at the high performance chip and high density packaging applications, constructs wafer level packaging and system level packaging production lines for chip packaging design and development, and provides advanced packaging design, development and processing of chips and modules.In the fourth quarter of last year, the company achieved mass production and completed sales of more than 30 million yuan in three months.Preemptive layout, catch up with the national high-end chip localization wave February 14, the reporter walked into zhuzhou more mo is located in the power Valley independent innovation park.In the spacious and bright dust-free workshop, the technicians wearing anti-static and dust-proof clothes are focusing on the packaging test.These chips will be used in 5G communications, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, smartphones, smart wear and cloud computing.By zhuzhou investment group, Shanghai xing orange joint venture capital and technology team of zhuzhou, the king of moab, the registered capital of 410 million yuan, was founded in October 2020, is now building high-end packaging types of flexible packaging production line, advanced integration of high performance computing, artificial intelligence chip, 5 g rf chip, microprocessor chips to realize the mass production and delivery.”The layout and positioning of the company’s advanced packaging projects just catch up with the wave of domestic production of high-end chips.At the moment, orders are in short supply.More orders in the first two weeks than last year’s total.”Zhuzhou yue Mo general manager Lai Fangqi told reporters that this year is the key period of order rapid growth, production climbing.In the past two years, domestic chip design companies have increased rapidly, but it is not easy for these companies to find some high-end sealed test resources, because of the impact of the epidemic, chip capacity shortage, Intel and other companies to seize high-end packaging capacity of server chips at high prices.Lai Fangqi, with nearly 20 years of experience, keenly grasped the opportunity of advanced packaging localization.Innovative design, localization instead of improving quality and reducing cost transistor size is getting smaller and smaller, density is getting higher and higher, packaging is becoming more and more difficult.Packaging test, as an important part of chip manufacturing, its main enterprises are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region.As a new company, with what advantages to seize market share?Lai Fangqi tells a short story.”Last year, we designed a package solution for one of our clients’ products. Through this innovative solution, our client’s product performance improved.Under the situation that ABF substrate production capacity of foreign suppliers is out of stock all over the world, through the design and simulation ability of cross friction, THE ABF material is replaced by PP to realize the localization of the substrate.In the second half of last year, the customer’s sales of this product reached 500 million yuan.”Zhuzhou Yuermo with innovative research and development capabilities, for chip design and production companies to win a larger market, itself has become a leading industry, with wafer level and system-level integration of advanced packaging technology high-tech companies.”The customer gives us the product, packages it into a chip, and we deliver it to the customer.This process, we do not simply process, but first design a complete package scheme, customers according to the scheme to optimize the product, both improve product performance, and reduce production costs.”Lai Fangqi said.Zhuzhou yue mo orders increased rapidly.This year, the production team is expected to expand to more than 1,000 people, making full impact on the goal of becoming the largest semiconductor packaging enterprise in central and southern China and the first-class semiconductor packaging enterprise in China.