Zou Shiming’s wife tested her mental age at 99, sparking heated debate

2022-05-26 0 By

Ran Yingying, the wife of boxing champion Zou Shiming, has become an Internet sensation with 3.7 million followers.In fact, Ran Yingying is not only the wife of the boxing champion, but also the President of the World Boxing Council (WBC) in China.As the president of a sports culture company in Shanghai, Ran wears many hats and is always active on the social front.Ran gained further popularity recently when she took a test using an app on her mobile phone, which sparked heated discussion among her fans.Ran took the interesting test, which measures judgment, expressiveness, self-knowledge, empathy and analysis, and scored at age 99.At this stage, Ran Yingying is not surprised by her power and honor.Ran, who was born in October 1984 and is now just over 37 years old, measured 99.Ran was surprised.Ran also posted pictures of herself in the sun, looking like a girl.Ran wrote: “This is really amazing. I’m 99 years old.Smile without a word.Be thankful for all the good in the world!”Ran’s every move has touched the hearts of a large number of fans, with nearly 2,000 replies, which shows that zou’s popularity is definitely higher than hers.Although Zou shiming is a former world boxing champion and a grand slam boxing champion, he can only be humbled by such a domineering CEO as Ran Yingying.This very flickering picture of Ran Yingying is like a girl in the wind looking at everything in front of her, even colorful glow enveloping the beauty of Ran Yingying.And then a lot of people left messages.One of them said: “Always 18 little old lady, looks like 18.”That’s a great compliment for Ran, who was 99 and 18 again, and she’s definitely happy to see it.Ran Yingying even put out a bunch of roses specially, symbolizing that she is a charming flower, making people look very harmonious. There is a saying that is not called smiling flowers?That’s it.Ran’s husband, Zou Shiming, also often poses for fashion photos. It’s clear that the couple are fashion-conscious.Those are the trends of fashion queen Ran Yingying, do you have time to say?Welcome to leave a message.