CPPCC members of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region made suggestions for opening up the whole chain of ice and snow industry

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As the 10-day countdown to the Opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics began on Jan 24, people’s attention to snow and ice reached an unprecedented high.In remote Urumqi, at the Two sessions of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, CPPCC members also made big articles around the small “snowflakes”, actively to activate xinjiang’s ice and snow economy, so that “white snow into silver” suggestions.Lucid waters and lush mountains are mountains of gold and silver, and frozen land and snow are mountains of gold and silver.Xinjiang is one of the provinces and regions with the most abundant ice and snow resources in China. The upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will usher in a historic development opportunity for the ice and snow industry in Xinjiang.It is an important way to activate ice and snow economy in Xinjiang to take advantage of the situation.”We must seize the opportunity to promote the high position.”Baktiv Inayat, member of the CPPCC of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and deputy secretary and director of the CPC Working Committee of Altay region, believes that to develop xinjiang’s ice and snow economy, it is necessary to coordinate the work of ice and snow policy, ice and snow culture, ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports, ice and snow trade, ice and snow finance, ice and snow marketing, and ice and snow talent.At the same time, the publicity on new media will be strengthened to promote ice and snow tourism and ice and snow sports through the recommendation of online celebrities and punch card experience.It is also necessary to take the initiative to “break the circle” to explore the four-season operation mode, take the road of integrated development, and explore the digital enabling ice and snow economy.Altay is known as “the origin of human skiing” for its large amount of snow, long snow storage period and excellent snow quality.In recent years, Altay has actively developed the characteristic industries related to ice and snow, including leisure sports, tourism and tourism, and supporting clothing, so that people can eat “ice and snow rice”.However, there is still a long way to go to achieve the goal of “developing on ice and snow, enriching people on ice and snow” due to the problems of relatively single products, insufficient brand competitiveness, insufficient industrial integration and lack of professional talents.How to narrow this distance, so that the masses really benefit from the benefits of ice and snow resources?Selke Saitihaz, a member of the CPPCC of The autonomous Region and a member of the Development and reform Committee of Fuhai County, spoke of fuhai’s efforts to develop the ice and snow industry in recent years.”All hotels in Fuhai county were full during the winter fishing festival this year.”Selke Saitihazi said that in recent years, Fuhai County in Altay area “take tourism as the main body, affecting the first industry, supporting the second industry” policy driven, to “winter fishing festival” as the main support, vigorously carry out cultural tourism activities, led to fisheries, food processing, agricultural sales and other booming.Selke Saitihaz said: “After the opening of the S21 Uzbek highway, fuhai county’s economy is more obvious, the confidence of the people doubled.”He suggested speeding up the construction of a highway network connecting counties, opening up a quick channel for tourism in the whole region, promoting the integration of the three industries and deepening the development of the ice and snow industry.Wang Shengping, member of the CPPCC of The Autonomous Region, secretary of the Party Committee and political Commissator of Beitun City of the 10th Division of xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, believes that it is necessary to improve the system and mechanism, play a good game of “military and local chess”, and take advantage of the policy opportunities of “China (Changbai Mountain – Altai Mountain) Experimental Zone for High-quality Development of Ice and snow Economy master Plan (2021-2035)”.The greater United States aletai winter tourism “ice in the south and snow in the north” layout plan, radiation to drive further adjustment of military and real estate industry structure.In addition to ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports are also an important part of the ice and snow industry.”Relying on the advantages of xinjiang’s ice and snow resources, more and more people will participate in ice and snow sports.”CPPCC autonomous regions, autonomous region sports bureau party secretary and deputy director of the Ding Youming advice, ice and snow sports to grab from baby, ski resorts, make full use of campus ice and cities to develop youth winter of ice and snow sports, youth camp, etc., continue to promote “the ice and snow sports scheme” to create jobs, make ice and snow sports really “move” rise,Then promote the development of ice and snow industry.The original published on January 26, 2022, the people’s political consultative conference, fifth edition article | hui-juan liu