China Academy of Information and Communication Technology (CIIT) led the successful approval of two international standards for blockchain management service platform in ITU

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The international telecommunication union team 16 (hereinafter referred to as ITU – T SG16) on 17 January 2022-28 plenary meeting, from China, the United States, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Britain, South Korea, Japan and other countries and international organizations such as the world health organization (who) hundreds of delegates took part in the two-week online meetings.The conference discussed standardization issues in big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G communications, medical health, multimedia and other fields.At the meeting, two proposals on establishing international standards for blockchain management service platform led by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (HEREINAFTER referred to as “China Academy of Information and Communications”) were approved.Include:1. Itu-t H.DT-RFMSP-Reference Framework for DLT Management Service Platform2. Itu-t H.DT-AMMSP — Assessment MethodsAs an important evolution of the new generation of information technology, blockchain technology has been widely used in many fields of economy and society.In practical application, due to the difficulty of using the underlying chain, most enterprises do not have the corresponding development ability, so the blockchain management service platform has become an important way to improve the availability of blockchain and reduce the development and use cost.However, as different blockchain management service platforms have different performance in productization, standardization, security and scalability, the industry cannot evaluate and use them scientifically.At present, ITU and IEEE have issued standards related to blockchain evaluation.Itu-t published the first international standards on blockchain in August 2020. Itu-t F.751.1 and ITU-T F.751.0 have published standards that regulate evaluation criteria and system requirements for distributed ledgers.IEEE approved the project “DLT System Test Specification Standard” in May 2020, which defines the definition, type, test specification, test method and test process of blockchain system.However, for the blockchain management service platform, domestic and foreign standards are still in the blank stage.To this end, THE Chinese Academy of Information and Communications (CIICT) led the proposal of two blockchain management service platform standards. After in-depth discussions with international experts from Brazil, Russia, the United States and other countries, the project was finally approved.As the continuation of ITU-T F.751.0 and ITU-T F.751 series standards, the above two standards standardize the blockchain management service platform from the reference framework and evaluation method, and further promote the standardization of blockchain system to deepen.The above two standard proposals, based on the research results of China Communication Standardization Association TC1 and Trusted Blockchain Initiatives, represent the consensus of the domestic Blockchain industry to some extent, and are an important step for China’s Blockchain standardization work to go international.ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is one of the three major international standardization organizations.Itu-t (ITU-T for ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector) is a branch of the INTERNATIONAL Telecommunication Union (ITU) specialized in formulating Telecommunication standards.Itu-t SG16 is a very active research group of ITU Standardization Bureau. Its main research areas are multimedia and E-services.At present, the research scope of SG16 covers many hot standardization research directions such as video and audio processing and compression coding, video surveillance, content distribution, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence.