China Railway, China Railway construction won a wave of big projects!

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Construction site: The new Laixi-Rongcheng Railway is located in Shandong Province. It is an extension of qingxi-Yinchuan high-speed railway to Shandong Peninsula, and a main channel for foreign passenger transportation from Jiaodong Peninsula.The line starts from Weilai High-speed Railway Laixi Station in the west, passes through Qingdao, Yantai and Weihai, and connects to the existing Rongcheng Station.Construction scale: the total length of the main track is 192.8 km, the railway grade is high-speed railway, the design speed is 350km/h, the total construction period of the project is 42 months.Scope of bidding:The “four power” and related projects include communications, signals, power, electrification, disaster prevention, information, customer service, “four power” housing and ancillary works (water supply and drainage, stations and roads, etc.), spare parts, four power instruments and tooling equipment within the scope of the new Laixi to Rongcheng railway.Including but not limited to engineering construction (including construction and installation engineering), procurement of materials, equipment, spare parts and equipment, system integration, joint commissioning and trial operation, etc.Division of bid section: 1 bid section, LRSDSG-1.It mainly includes new communication transmission system, telephone exchange and access system, data communication system, scheduling communication system, mobile communication system, etc.We will build a first-level through-line with a comprehensive load of 10 kV, 4 traction substations, 5 substations and 7 AT stations, and build or rebuild catenary, power supply lines and backflow grounding systems.New CTC station server, CTC station extension, wireless block center (RBC), station train control center;New 5 station and station house and rongcheng depot four power engineering.The specific project content shall be subject to the bill of quantities.☟☟☟ Bid-winning information First Place: China Railway Electrification Bureau Group Co., LTD. Total bid price: 2007294256.00 Yuan Second place: China Railway Wuhan Electrification Bureau Group Co., LTD. Total bid price: 2007318985.00 Yuan Third place: China Railway First Bureau Group Electrical Engineering Co., LTD. Total bid price:The general contracting (EPC) of this project is the comprehensive supporting construction project of zhangqiu South Station, Xueye Station, Laiwu North Station and Gangcheng Station of Jilai High Speed Railway.Including the station square, parking lot, roads, landscape greening, Bridges and culverts, water supply and drainage, pipeline integration, lighting and traffic facilities and other related supporting works of the survey, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, acceptance, handover, warranty and other whole process of the project general contract (see the tender documents for details).Scale: 352,145 square meters Of bid-winning information First Place: China Railway No.2 Engineering Group Co., LTD. Total Bid price: 1135077615.85 Second Place: Aerospace Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., LTD. Total bid price: 1135615850.46 Third Place: China Railway No.4 Survey and Design Institute Group Co., LTD. Total bid price:1136189316.20 ☟☟☟ Shaanxi Jinghe · Wisdom Creation Center Phase I General contract construction Location: The project is located in the west of Jinghe New Town Management Committee, east of Jinghe First Street, south of Jinghe First Street, north of Jinghe Avenue.Project scale: The project covers an area of about 143 mu, with a total construction area of about 512,300 square meters. The construction contents include office, supporting apartments, commercial rooms, underground garage and outdoor supporting facilities.It mainly constructs science and technology, innovation, industry, incubation parks and other supporting facilities.Scope of bidding:The tendering scope for this project’s first phase two blocks construction general contracting, mainly containing project within 5 #, 7 #, 13 # three monomers and affiliated garage in addition to the elevator equipment procurement installation outside the building, structure, water supply and drainage, hvac, electrical, fire protection, building intelligence engineering, decoration, curtain wall engineering and the main structure related to steel structure engineering,And responsible for delivery of use and warranty services.Please refer to the bidding documents for details.Total investment of the project: RMB 455,4349,200 (estimated amount of this bidding is about RMB 498,409,100).Bidding Information: First Place: China Railway 11th Bureau Construction Group Construction and Installation Engineering Co., LTD. (ten thousand yuan)China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Co., LTD. Winning bid price (ten thousand yuan) 43000.405405 Publicity Date: January 29, 2022 ~ February 7, 2022 Congratulations to the winning bidder!Did your unit win the bid?